Things people say to me when taking photos

Things People Say to me When Taking Photos
Things People Say to me when Taking pictures

Small towns and fashion blogging are complete polar opposites. Where I'm from the majority of the streets are filled with people pushing prams and old ladies walking their dogs (no hate) so it's pretty safe to say I get some funny comments whenever I'm doing my thang. For the past few weeks I've been filing them in the back of my mind for a blog post like this, and here they are (well, some of the less rude ones at least)..

"Go on love, smile!"

"Are you really famous or something?"

"Can't you take a selfie yourself!?"

"Oooh can I join in?"

"Can I be in the background?"

"Left, right, left, right, perfect shot, amazing!"

Leather jacket from Warehouse (similar here)
Striped knit from First Base (also love this style)
Leather trousers from Blank NYC (chaper option here)
Trainers from Nike via Get The Label (also love this style)

How to pose like a blogger - the hair touch

How to pose like a blogger
How to pose like a blogger
How to pose like a blogger

With hundreds of pictures of yourselves online, as a blogger you start to notice a bit of a pattern occuring. I like to call them my 'blogger poses' - poses that I would never normally do unless in front of a lens, that only ever seem acceptable when on the blogosphere. Today, we're talking The Hair Touch (also known as the oh-no-my-hair-is-in-my-face-lol position) because apparently that was all I could do during this shoot. If you can't tell, I'm highly awkward in front of the camera, which results in a lack of creativity in the bodily movement department. So for all you awkward picture-takers like me, try this one. Slightly casual, looks remotely good in photos and who knows, maybe people will actually believe you're putting your hair behind your ear.. #plottwist

Leather jacket from Warehouse (sold out but love this)
White tee from Warehouse (or here)
Leather track pants from Addison (cheaper here)
Heels from Steve Madden (similar here)