I've gone blonde! Well, kinda..

Those of you that know me personally will know of my life-long dreams to become a blonde. Like, a blonde who actually suits being blonde - not a blonde that looks like she just threw a pile of bleach over her head (which may or may not have happened back in 2009). Unfortunately, I am just one of those people that generally look kind of weird with blonde hair. Maybe it's the brows, maybe it's the brown eyes or maybe it's just my general colouring. Either way, a full head of platinum blonde hair is never gonna happen for me. But hey, a girl can try, right?

And oh, try we did. As a few of you will know if you follow my Twitter, a few weeks ago I was invited to Ena Salon in London to get my hair cut and coloured by the dynamic duo that is Evie and Iveta. I'm pretty easy going with my hair - in fact I think all I asked for was 'something still long, but a bit more sexy and a bit less NAME from The Ring'. Oh, and something that didn't require much maintenance to make it look 'done'. I mean what even is a hairbrush anyway?

Okay, so onto the salon itself. Oddly enough I'd never actually heard of Ena before going there, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how pretty the place was. It's based in Covent Garden just a few minutes walk away from the station, which made it really easy to find - even for Google-map-phobes like yours truly. The salon itself is based in an old Georgian townhouse across multiple floors. And oh, the cacti - don't even get me started on the cacti. There are literally hundreds of them. Hundreds! It was like walking straight into Pinterest.

[Above images courtesy of Ena Salon]

As for the service itself, well, Iveta (who cut my hair) was an absolute dream from start to finish, and I was constantly inundated with cakes, coffee and wine. I left with great hair and a full stomach. What more could you want from a trip to the salon? A big jar of sweets upon arrival? Yup, they have that too.

So then I came back a week later for the real switch up. Having had around six inches cut off my hair the majority of my balayage from a few months back had been snipped off too. I went into Ena with one single brief. "Make me as blonde as possible without looking like a crazy person," I said. And I don't know about you guys, but I think Evie (the colourist) did just that.

Evie did use bleach in my hair, but I ted to look after my hair quite well so that wasn't much of an issue for me. Since my hair grows at around 40mph we decided on keeping my roots natural to make sure that there wasn't too much up keep, if any. She back-combed my ends, applied the bleach and sat me down with a cup of earl grey for the next hour or so. I looked like a caveman. Proof is on Twitter. A short while later, out came the bleach, on went the toner and then followed the most dreamy head massage I could possibly comprehend. I officially want a live-in head masseuse.

Over a week later and I'm still completely in love with my new blonde(ish) locks. There are no dry ends, no ginger tinge and no more hair woes coming from yours truly. Although I do miss that intense head massage..not gonna lie.

Thank you to the lovely people at Ena Salon for giving me and my hair and brand new lease of life! I'll be back. Stock up on the cake please.