Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Styling boyfriend jeans has never been a forte of mine. I'm a petite girl and I like my shoes flat, which means my legs can look even shorter than usual. I've tried so many pair but my recent Machine Jeans discovery has changed my life - at least my denim-wearing life. Tight enough to stop me from looking bottom-heavy, cropped enough to give me that bit of ankle cleavage that I oh so desire, and enough rips to make me look like I'm a badass, without actually having to leave my home or lose any dignity along the way. 

Tobi black blazer (similar here)
H&M black cami top (also love this one)
Machine Jeans boyfriend jeans (washed version here)
Daniel Footwear black boots (more here)

Blue jeans, white shirt

Blue jeans white shirt outfit
Blue jeans white shirt outfit

Excuse the not-overly-imaginative title, but right now my brain is focussing on one thing only - drugs. The anti-flu type, of course. I had my first flu of the year a few weeks over it quick, and here I am again, tucked up in bed with a mug of lemsip and surrounded by approximately forty eight thousand tissues. Oh the glamour! Needless to say, this picture was snapped a few days ago, right before the nose-running started. I recieved a pair of Closed denim jeans in the post the other day as a complete surprise, so thought I'd ditch my usual loose-fitting sweats and attempt to style up some classic navys. First skirts, now blue jeans - who am I? It must be the meds doing crazy things to my stuffy head. Speaking of which, needs a little bit of TLC right about now. Happy Friday!

Leather jacket from Warehouse (yup, again - similar here)
White shirt from Forever 21 Men (also here)
Blue jeans from Closed Denim (similar here)
Arizona sandals from Birkenstock (highstreet version here)

Dressing for University

Dressing for University
Dressing for University

Okay, I'll admit it - I just found this set of pictures from a long lost folder on my Macbook, so saying this is what I'm wearing to my first day back University tomorrow isn't exactly true, but it's not too far from what I will be wearing either. What some of you might not know (prior to my little intro) is that I'm actually a second year student at Uni! I transferred from Epsom (a few minutes from London) to Cornwall (about five hundred hours from anywhere) a few months back, trading fashion journalism for some cold hard 'regular' journalism. Needless to say, I'm not sure culottes and leather on leather on leather are the most suitable choices of clothing for my degree, so instead I've decided to rock a little tailoring on the bottom and go for a bit more casual on top - you know, just to test the waters. Then I'll start busting out the ankle-grazers.

What are you guys wearing for your first day back at Uni/college/work/anything!?

Denim jacket from Monki (also love this one)
Long sleeve from T by Alexander Wang (budget option here)
Trousers from French Connection (cheaper here)
Shoes from Superga (similar here)

5 things that blogging has taught me

Things blogging has taught me
Things blogging has taught me

This tee is pretty fitting for how I'm feeling about le blog right now. No no, I'm not quitting nor am I taking a break - it's just one of those days (ladies, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout) where you just seem to question absolutely everything in the universe. But no, today isn't about the stars and galaxys or the big bang, instead I've been reflecting on what blogging has actually taught me since I started a year and a half ago. A few obvious factors include typing at 1472 miles an hour and spending the majority of your day in pyjamas, but here are a few of the lesser-known things I've come to terms with. Pens at the ready!


1. Social media? Not as social as you might think. I spend 6-7 days a week sat on my laptop working from home, which means there is barely any human interaction until the evening (when the boy comes home) or when I manage to sneak out for an indulgent lunch. Because of this, I've learnt how important it is to actually phsyically interact with people - no iPhone, no Macbook, just pure conversation. Crazy, I know.


2. You will learn a lot about yourself! Whether it's the way you look in photos (cringe) or what you tend to write about when you're barely even thinking. Like right now - it's nearly midnight (hello queued post) and I'm trying to power through this article to make sure it's live by tomorrow morning - Ollie's birthday - and instead of shoving a quick eplaination of my outfit on the web my fingers have decided to type this overly long essay about 'what I've learnt'  from sitting on the internet. Some people question the laws of Physics..I question the laws of the blogosphere.


3. There's no such thing as a day off - unless you managed to queue a whole bunch of posts that is. But even when I do that I often find myself glued to social media in an attempt to stay up to date with what's going on in the blogging world. Like tomorrow - even though I've managed to get a lot of work done beforehand, I know I'll still be gazing at my phone at some point replying to emails and checking my stats. Addicted? Me?


4. You'll be most productive at the most inconvienient of times. Got an early start the next morning? Chances are you'll be up until 4am editing pictures of re-jigging your entire website. But when it comes to an entirely work-filled day, with your desk set up nicely and time on your side, your brain will go blank. It's practically the rules of the internet.


5. People are amazing. Soppy, but true. If you're lucky enough to head to different events you'll be sure to meet so many people - all as kind and as welcoming as the last. Take the CofD girls for instance - only three of us live in the same Country (!), but we're all one big happy family on here. Forget what your parents told you - online relationships are genuinely real, and I'm lucky enough to have met some of my best pals right here on the WWW. 

Well that was a lengthy one - congrats if you made it to the end. And if you did, let me know your best memories from blogging!

Coat from H&M
T-Shirt from Nicce London
Shorts from Come Get Fashion
Shoes from Steve Madden

The Alexander Wang effect

Alexander Wang outfit
Alexander Wang outfit
Alexander Wang outfit
Alexander Wang outfit

SO FAR this year Alexander Wang has had me wearing painted sweaters, leather culottes and now stomach-showing shirts. To say I'm a slave to fashion is probably - and embarassingly - the understatement of the century (although I'll never be converted to those leather gloves). But hey, HashtagBloggerLyf and all that. I probably lose a few internet points for not actually selling my home for his Spring 2014 PJ-suits, but here's hoping the Google Gods will forgive me. If all it takes to be on trend this season is a pair of Birks, some pyjama shorts and a few undone buttons then consider me sold..but don't expect me to pay full price.

DENIM SHIRT | Abercrombie & Fitch (sale option here)  LEATHER TROUSERS | Addison (some here or here)  TRAINERS | Hummel (luxe version here)

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