The big closet detox - part one

This might be news to you guys, but I quite like wearing clothes (..and shoes and bags..). In fact, I like clothes so much that I've managed to accumilate more than my three bedroom home can actually contain. I'm serious. The wardrobes full, the (two) chests of drawers are full, the clothing rail is bending underneath the weight of all my coats, my coat stand is full and I've even managed to sneak a few extras into Ollie's set of drawers without him realising. Yet. Aaaand as I write this it just dawned on me that I literally stuffed a bunch of jumpers and shoes under my bed as a bit of extra make-shift storage last month. Will ensure to cancel all plans for the next week to conquer that mound of cotton and crew necks. 

So on Friday night I finally decided to do something I had been meaning to do for months. Yep, yep, it was time for a full wardrobe clear up. Now, don't get me wrong, I like to think I'm pretty good at saying au revoir to my belongings on a fairly weekly basis (usually because it doesn't fit into, well, anything anymore), but this time I wanted to go big. And for that, I needed a system. Aren't systems just the greatest thing ever!?

Anyway! I've been preaching for years about my love for minimalism, so I decided to practise what I preach and give myself more of a streamline wardrobe. Now I can't promise that I'm going to go 100% minimal on your asses, but I can sure as hell pretend - and over time, who knows? Maybe I'll have nailed that perfect capsule wardrobe. Either way, at least I'll actually be able to close my drawers for once.

Now about that 'system' - AKA my saviour that made this entire ordeal a lot less painful. I'm obviously so excited about how well it worked, that I went and made my own flow chart so that I can reference it again in the future. I swear, all of this sounded so cool and interesting in my head..

I digress. Let's move onto what I actually got rid of. Turns out, I was holding onto way more than I actually wanted to. In fact, after two hours of trying things on and going back to ye old flow chart I managed to cut down the size of my closet by about 45%, I won't lie, I still have far too many clothes, but at least it means I won't be caught wandering the streets naked any time soon. Wow that escalated quickly. So here's how the numbers played out..

Jackets and coats:
Keeping 17, getting rid of 9

Tops and shirts:
Keeping 35, getting rid of 25

Trousers and jeans:
Keeping 19, getting rid of 18

Keeping 11, getting rid of 3

Keeping 8, getting rid of 8

Shoes and boots:
Keeping 39, getting rid of 13

Hats and bags:
Keeping 15, getting rid of 11

Jumpers and sweaters:
Keeping 15, getting rid of 11

Keeping 4, getting rid of 1

Keeping 6, getting rid of 10

Donating: 67
Binning: 9
Selling: 43
(Pst! I'll be setting up a Depop soon..)

Things kept: 169 | Things gotten rid of: 119

It feels SO good knowing that my wardrobe is now (mostly) filled with clothes I actually want to wear, and it feels doubly as good knowing that the majority of my clothes are going to go to charity to help others in need. Getting rid of things is way too addictive, and I still have far too many clothes for one small human behind, so be sure to stayed tuned for the second part of my closet clear out! Let me know if you manage to detox your wardrobe too. Go team!

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