Charlotte Tilbury 5 Minute Face Review

Charlotte Tilbury 5 Minute Face Review


Charlotte Tilbury 5 Minute Face Palette Review
Charlotte Tilbury 5 Minute Face Instant Look Palette Review

I'm sure that I'm not alone with this, but when it comes to palettes I find that not all pans are made equal - which is pretty much a nice way of me saying that, generally, all palettes contain at least one crappy colour that you're never going to use. You know that really nice neutrals palette in your collection that has that random sparkly blue shade stuck onto the end, or that amazing contour kit that includes one shade that's just not quite right for your skin tone? Yeah, that. Well, Charlotte Tilbury's 5 Minute Face Palette has none of those useless shades - in fact, it's probably my most useful palette ever.

Now I think it's safe to say that when it comes to what I put on my face - much like what I put on my body - I like to keep it simple. I like a slightly defined crease, a touch of blusher, a few swipes of contour..and then a shed load of highlighter to go with it/blind my boyfriend. Because of that, the majority of time a lot of - really quite beautiful - palettes don't get the attention they should from me. I open them up, by-pass every non-neutral shade in there and head straight for the matte browns. Then I throw the entirety of my face into my handbag only to realise that I unwillingly chucked around 40kg of products into one bag, for one day. Man, no wonder my shoulders ache by the end of it all.

So when then I heard about the concept behind the 5 Minute Face Palette I was dubious. I mean, I know the Tilbs knows what she's taking about, but can one palette really do my whole face in five minutes? The verdict? Well, minus the base itself, yes. Yes it can.

The palette features seven different shades, including the ever-famous Filmstar Bronze and Glow and a miniature version of Charlotte's Swish and Pop blush duo, as well as three super simple eye shadows that do everything from brightening, to enhancing, to adding some serious smoke. It's the perfect palette for, firstly, putting on your face, but it's also a great way to really sample the brand. And, FYI, the bronzer and highlighter have officially shot their way right to the top of my favourites list. Dreamiest. Formula. Ever. 

Will any of you lovely people be picking this bad boy up in the near future?


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