Fleur of England Caviar Boudoir Bra

Fleur of England Caviar Boudoir Bra

Avid followers of my Instagram will have already seen this snap, but I couldn't not post it on the blog too! Just like everyone else I've been loving the Fleur of England Boudoir bras and one may or may not have ended up on my doorstep last week. Spoiler alert: It did. There's not much to be said about a bra other than how comfy it is and how it looks - 10/10 for both criterias I'd say. This style is from the Caviar collection, but you can see more here.

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Caviar Boudoir Bra from Fleur of England

The perfect lace bra

Black lace triangle bra

NEVER thought I'd be showing my underwear on the internet, but lately it seems like it's the done thing with fashion bloggers. I've been on the hunt for the perfect COS bra replacement after it being sold out practically everywhere. Considering this one costing about the same amount as a sandwich and a coffee, I'd say it's a perfect match.

LACE BRA | Monki

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