The Perfect Every Day Bag from Over My Body


The Australian's do it pretty well, whatever 'it' might be. The majority of my favourite blogger babes come from across the pond, and let's face it, the country itself looks pretty damn good too. When growing up my idea of Aussie fashion probably would have been teeny tiny bikinis, a slap of SPF and..not a lot else if I'm honest, but recently I discovered the UK website Over My Body, which introduced me to a whole bunch of new brands from the outback.

I'm pretty picky when it comes to bags. Believe it or not, it's actually near impossible to find a simplistic bag that isn't either doused in tacky gold metal or so expensive that you need to take out an extra mortgage just to borrow it. I've used my Phillip Lim bags on the blog enough to bore you all to tears, so I'm very excited to announce that I've finally found a new every day bag. Huzzah! You can shop the entire collection here.

Have you heard of Over My Body before?


Black Beanie Hat
Warehouse Leather Jacket *
Tobi Utility Shirt *
French Connection Trousers (SIMILAR FROM J BRAND HERE) *
Superga Leather Trainers *
Naked Vice Reckless Bag via Over My Body *

Does blogging reflect real life?

Does blogging reflect real life?
Does blogging reflect real life?

I'm not sure about you guys, but whenever I look at other blogs the first thing that comes to mnd is 100% JEALOUSY! How is their hair always so perfect? How do they walk around in high heels all day? Why do I not look that good on a Monday morning? I can't exactly guarantee that many people think the same about me, but here's a little heads up just in case: blogging is not real life. Today's OOTD is an outfit from about a week or two ago (because right now the weather is giving me a big fat no for any outfit pics) and - thanks to the beauty of an airbrush tool - my dark circles have been completely erased. And those heels? They didn't stay on my feet for long. We're so familiar with magazines editing images (let's not talk about that Kim K cover..) that we kind of forget that just about anyone has the power to do it from the comfort of their own home. I for one am certainly far from perfect - especially in the looks department - which is why I thank the internet gods for the wonders of Photoshop every single day. But here's a little secret..right now I'm editing this post with semi-greasy hair, four huge hormanl spots on my face (#girlprobs) and some eyebrows that need some serious plucking. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Black gilet from Zara (old but similar here)
Camisole from H&M (sold out but also here)
White culottes from Lavish Alice (available here)
Black heels from Boutique 9 (budget option here)

Why I'm all for the wide leg trend

Wide Leg Trousers Outfit

So happy that wide leg trousers have become a 'thing' in fashion again. We all know how I feel about elasticated waistbands and sweatpants, but a wide leg version? That takes comfort to a whole new level. I may or may not need to invest in 400 pairs of these bad boys.

Warehouse leather jacket (cheaper here)
H&M cami top (last year but also here)
Monki wide leg trousers (similar here)
Steve Madden ponyhair shoes (on sale!!)

Fashion Blogger Problems

Fashion Blogger Problems
Fashion Blogger Problems

Been obsessing over low back sweaters for a while now - completely impractical for the winter but I couldn't wait until the warmer months to whack it out. Risking hypothermia in the name of #fashun - now that's commitment. I did have a really nice new ear cuff I wanted to show you, but evidently it wasn't an ear-showing sort of day. Maybe next time.

H&M camel coat (sold out but similar hereee!)
Nameless low back knit (highstreet option here)
Blank NYC faux leather trousers (cheaper here)
Steve Madden ponyhair slip-ons (some here too)
Shop accessories (that I'm obviously missing) at

Faux Leather Vs Real Leather

Faux Leather Vs Real Leather

I wear leather (you know, just incase you guys haven't noticed by now) - let's just put that one out there. I wear fake leather, I wear real leather, and if I could think of another type of leather to make this sentence sound more punchy, then I'd mention it. Fact is, I just really like how the stuff looks on me - maybe it's my inner-biker trying to reach out in some way or another, or maybe it's some form of Fifty Shades of Grey fascination. Either way, I have a lot of it in my wardrobe.

Now, let's get a little debate going, shall we?. I'd love to get some form of discussion going in the comments regarding real VS fake, but I realise that may be a little too much for a Saturday morning (although please, feel free to let rip!). So instead, let's discuss the visual differences of the two. Can you tell which of these items I'm wearing are the real deal?

W Concept plaid shirt (similar here)
H&M "leather" bag (also one here)
"Leather" trousers from Blank NYC (sold out but some here)
Daniel Footwear ankle boots (also love these)