The best websites to get iPhone cases

Best place to get iPhone cases

The new iPhone 6S might have just come out, but lil old Steph here is still freaking out about the fact that, hey, after approximately four hundred years (emphasis on the word approximately) I have finally gotten my first iPhone - in the form of the now-old (but still way cool) iPhone 6. And oh man, am I obsessed. So obsessed, that somehow within a month of having it I've managed to stock up on six different cases, pretty much making me a case connoisseur as far as I'm concerned. So anyway, I know I get a lot of questions from lots of real-life pals (yes I do have them) about where I get my cases from, so I decided to make a quick Monday night post telling you all about it. Fancy winning your own customised case as well? Oh, go on then..


Caseapp is a site I've been familiar with for a long old time. It's basically a site that allows you to create your own phone cases and laptop covers (I made my marble laptop cover with them!) in whatever way you fancy, without it costing a bomb. You can pretty much design almost every aspect of your case - from texture to colour - and they'll send it straight to your door in no time. Fancy making your own? Scroll down to the bottom to see how you can win your own custom phone case, or simply use the code COCOCHICCASE to get 20% off your order!

Skinny Dip

Basically, if you've ever seen a really ridiculous phone case covered in glitter and unicorns, or if you've ever come across a cover that look like a milk carton...chances are it's probably from Skinny Dip. If you're looking for something sophisticated, stay well away. But whatever. Classy phones are for dummies anyway. If you're looking for a Krusty the clown case however, you know where to go. And pick me up one while you're there, will ya?

Harper and Blake

Formally Iconomesis, Harper and Blake have seriously upped their game recently when it comes to prettifying phones. They do everything from donut phone cases, to Fifi Lapin, to even cacti cases. It was pretty obvious which one I was going to go for. I mean, I can't actually kill a 2d picture of a cactus, surely!?


If I could, I'd probably dye my own skin marble. Okay, maybe that's a little too far, but either way I think it's safe to say that we're all a bit marble-mad over here. And guess what? Madotta do an entire range of marble phone cases, as well as a bunch of other designs including cow print and ink blots. Dreamy.

So now I'm guessing you want to know how to win that customised phone case of yours? Alright alright, calm down. So all you guys have to do is simply follow me (@cocochicblog) and Caseapp (@caseapp) on Instagram, and leave your Instagram name in the comments below! Please also leave your email address too, just so I can contact you in case you win! Get it? In case? I'm sorry..

The giveaway will run until October 6th 2015 at midnight. The winner will be chosen at random and will be contact via email including the details on how they can claim their prize. One entry per person please! This giveaway is international. Good luck!