The best of the beauty basics

My skincare, haircare and makeup routine are anything but basic. I apply multiple concealers to my face for multiple reasons, I multi-mask like my life depends on it and I fill my scalp with more products than I have hair follicles. Call it over the top, I call it research. And during my 'research' I've come across some real gems that have either become or have remained firm favourites in my beauty drawer, that have changed my beauty-game completely. Full faced or bare faced, these babies always come along for the ride.

Frank Body Lip Scrub review


Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep

I'm an at home teeth whitening fiend and I somewhat pride myself in having tried out just about every teeth whitening product on the high street. My latest obsession comes in the form of the Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Serum, which looks seriously luxe in appearance but costs less than a fiver for a full months supply.

I'm a big fan of teeth whitening strips, but sometimes I want something super quick to slot into my routine without having to walk around with a plastic film on my teeth for half an hour. With this, all you have to do is massage a pea-sized amount of the serum into your teeth after brushing at night and get snoozing. So simple, but such a game changer! You'll notice the difference after just one day.


Charlotte Tilbury Kidman's Kiss review


Zoeva Soft Kohl Liner in Karnat

I wake up in the morning and my eyes are red. I get too much sleep and my eyes are red. I stay up late, my eyes are red. I go outside, they're red. I stay in, they're red. I've learned to deal with the fact that sometimes I look like I've had forty eight sneezing fits in a row, but the other day the Zoeva Soft Kohl Liner in Karnat arrived through my door and reminded me of the magic that is makeup.

Even when I'm going makeup free, a lot of the time I'll run a nude-toned liner across my waterline to liven up my face and give the illusion that I've had eight hours sleep. Any nude liner will do, but I've found that the Zoeva Karnet liner is perfect for creating a super natural finish due to it's creamy consistency. It's also pale enough to brighten the eye area without looking too stark, and it's affordable too!


Frank Body Lip Scrub

A lip scrub has always been a part of my beauty routine, but recently I've fallen in love with the Frank Body scrub in particular. I often find scrubs to be really great at - you guessed it - scrubbing, but they tend to leave my lips feeling rough and even more sore than when I started. The Frank Body lip scrub contains a mixture of coffee oil (which helps moisten your mouth), vitamin E (which plumps that pout), macadamia oil (which helps to moisturise the lips) and ethically sourced beeswax to help sooth irritation, which - when you're a matte lipstick lover like I am - is kind of inevitable. 

Now doesn't all of that sounds like the start of the most amazing coffee cake concoction? That's another reason why I love it so much. It's bloody delicious. And, it comes in a kit complete with a super silky lip balm made of lanolin and other lovely oils.


Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep review


Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips

I'm all about nude lipsticks, but lately my every day look has consisted of more coral/pink-toned lips than anything else. One colour that's been n my lips pretty much all week is the Charlotte Tilbury Kidman's Kiss lipstick from the Hot Lips collection. 

The formulation is described as a 'luminous modern matte' and that's exactly what it is. It's matte but moisturising, and - whilst there's absolutely no shimmer in the product at all - it does give off somewhat of a natural glow that helps plumps the lips and add an overall healthy glow to the skin. It's also suited for all skin complexions and works both day and night, so the perfect lippie to pop in your handbag. £1 from every sale of Hot Lips in the first two months of sales will go to the Women for Women International charity. Another bonus.

Zoeva Liner in Karnat Review
Sunday Riley Luna review


Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

I am oil obsessed, so it was only natural that I get my hands on the over-hyped Luna oil by Sunday Riley at some point in my life. During my super sleep-less times at University I suffered with all kinds of skin issues, forcing me to hop around different treatments in hopes of something, anything (!)being able to help my lifeless, dry, pore-filled skin. I became a fan of Luna from the get-go, purely because it comes out as a blue oil and I am evidently six years old. But after using it for a few weeks I really started to notice the difference that it made in my skin.

Lunais an overnight oil rich in retinol, which is a fancy ingredient that basically tricks your skin into thinking it's younger. It also contains Blue Tansy (hence the colour) which helps to soothe inflamed skin and calm any skin conditions along the way. I use a few drops every other night. Pricey, but lasts a long old time. What are your beauty must-haves?

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