Benefit They're Real Double The Lip Swatches

I'm sure we're all very familiar with Benefit's They're Real mascara - AKA the UK's number 1 best selling mascara and the mascara I seem to have back ups of back ups in my dressing table.  A few weeks back, Benefit chose to expand on the 'They're Real' franchise and release eight brand new semi-matte lip colours that act as both a lipstick and lip liner in one. 

At first, I was a little dubious. I mean, are we really so lazy that we can't even be bothered to line our lips separately any more? After using this, I can confirm that yes, yes I am. For quick on-the-go application the Double The Lip lipsticks are a god send, and perfect for fuss-free summer makeup looks.

The lipsticks are 3/4 lip colour, 1/4 lip liner (the lip liner being a slightly deeper shade than the corresponding lip colour) and are shaped in a way that hug the lips perfectly to create a fuller looking pout. Apply lightly for a natural tint, or firmly for a more intense pop of colour. Scroll down for swatches of every single shade!



"A warm pinky nude"



"A pale coral"



"A bright red / orange"




"A rosey mauve"



"A bright warm-toned pink"



"A coral red"



"A cool toned fuchsia"



"A medium purple"

Which is your
favourite shade?

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Personalise your own Benefit Hoola bronzer

Personalised Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Benefit Hoola Days Haul Makeup Beauty

A few months ago all of my favourite beauty bloggers seemed to have their own personalised Hoola bronzer from Benefit, and I - being that person that likes everything and anything trending - so badly wanted to get my own. Then, just a few days ago a magical parcel came from the guys and gals at Benefit themselves, filled with some summer essentials (ie. jelly beans and an inflatable palm tree) and none other than the exact same bronzer with my name on it. Better yet? This time around, Benefit have actually made it possible for you guys to get your own. It's pretty much the most perfect matte bronzer around (as I'm sure you all know by now), and suits just about anyone, so if you're stuck for gift ideas - or you know, if you just want to get your name on a piece of makeup - I'd say go for it. Hell, why stick to just a name? 'A sexy babe's Hoola' sounds pretty good to me. Hmm, ideas.

Would you get your own personalised bronzer!?

Personalised Benefit Hoola Bronzer (£28.50) *
Benefit Ultra Plush Hoola Lip Gloss (£14.50) *
Benefit Dream Screen (RRP £25) *

Benefit #Cheek2Cheek Tag

Benefit Cheek2cheek tag

Anyone that follows my Youtube channel (shameless plug here) will have already seen the video relating to this tag, but I thought I'd pop it up on ye old blog for the whole world to see. I received the Majorette blush as a gift from Benefit and in return I've decided to do the #cheek2cheek tag that's been circulating around the internet for a little while. The blush itself is a serious beaut, and I've been wearing it pretty much every day since it hopped onto my desk. To hear me ramble on a little more about how great it is, check out the full-length video - for a plain and simple tag, keep on readin'!

1. How do you apply Majorette? 

I tend to apply it with my Zoeva Cream Cheek brush or one of my buffing brushes for a little extra coverage. If I want something super-sheer I'll either tap it over the top of my cheeks with my fingers or smudge it in with a Beauty Blender. Boom!

2. What Box O'Powder do you wear Majorette with? 

I'm forever wearing my Hoola bronzer - it goes perfect with just about every makeup look I can come up with. I like to lightly contour my cheek bones and add a touch of Majorette to lift my face that little more.

3. What's your top tip for beautiful cheeks? 

100% make sure your base is perfect before you go in with any colour! If you have any blemishes that aren't properly concealed before hand or any dry patches that you haven't moisturised properly you'll find that no matter what blush you use - low end or high - nothing will sit right!

4. What's your cheekiest nail colour? 

I'm so boring when it comes to nail polishes - how ever one of my favourite bright shades is Sally Hansen's Man-go Team!

5. What's the cheekiest thing you've done? 

I'm forever that person stealing snacks from secret stashes. In fact, I've just now gone through an entire share-bag of Haribo that was originally intended for Haloween Trick or Treaters. Guess I'll have to buy a new bag..

6. Who's the cheekiest person you know? 

I struggled a little with this question - it'd have to be my cats!

7. Who's cheeks would you peak at if you could? 

I've thought about this a little more, and I really think I'd like to check out Daniel Craig's bum - you know, just to see if it's as great as the rest of him. Scientific purposes etc etc.

8. What cheeky movie character do you most like? 

Gollum from Lord of the Rings! 

9. Have you ever rubbed cheeks with a celebrity? 

A few! I actually met Alexa Chung a few years ago and I was so star struck I didn't know what to say. Because I was so silent she thought I was foreign or something! Smooth Steph, smooth.

10. Your favourite cheeky song? (Basically a guilty pleasure)

Absolutely anything by Jamiroquai! I'm so obsessed with Blondie and Bjork though too, but I have no shame in that.

11. Who do you 'Pass the Baton to' (TAG)?

Absolutely everyone and anyone that comes across this tag! Make sure you link me to it so I can see your answers too.

Majorette Booster Blush from Benefit
Check out my tag video here