What's in my beach bag!?

Swimwear 365 Beach Bag Essentials

Okkkkkayy...so maybe I don't keep a mini cactus in my bag, and maybe I don't walk around with a film camera 24/7 (if ever) but sometimes I just like to take pretty pictures of things that look nice. Is that such a crime!?

So anyway, we're having this thing called a heatwave here in the UK, so tomorrow we've decided to head out to our local beach and - being the horrendously uptight packing planner I've already laid out everything I'm going to be taking along for the ride. Sans cactus obvz.

I've had this Adidas bikini from Swimwear 365 sitting around in my drawers for ages now, but apparently Britain didn't get the memo that it was summer, and so I've only had the pleasure of jumping around my room in it every once in a while, It was only until I actually started mocking up my beach look that I realised my bikini is pretty much the elasticated, swimsuit version of my pool sliders. Okay maybe not, but they both have stripes, gimme a break!

We just picked up some new ND filters for le camera so fingers crossed we can get a couple of nice shots tomorrow with me actually wearing some of the above (again, not going to wear a cactus any time soon). Who knows. Who. Knows.

What's in your summery beach bag?


adidas Black Bikini via Swimwear 365 *
Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 *
Clarins Sunscreen Oil Spray *
Adidas Adilette Pool Sliders *
Caudalie Beauty Elixir *
ROC Shelly Sunglasses *

My Forever 21 beach outfit

Forever 21 beach wear
Forever 21 beach wear
Forever 21 beach wear
Forever 21 beach wear
Forever 21 beach wear

Of course the sun decides to go in when we were shooting this beachy style look - it's pretty much Blogger luck no? Either way, this is an idea of what I would wear (if the weather allowed it) to the beach: a pair of distressed shorts and a baggy boyfriend top. The ice lolly and seductive eating pose is optional, but I'd highly recommend the previous. Let me know what your beach style is in the comment section below!

Henley top from Forever 21
Denim shorts from Forever 21
Trio bag from Forever 21
Slip on shoes from Forever 21
Sunglasses from Forever 21