How I grow my hair

How do I grow my hair long
How do I grow my hair long
How do I grow my hair long

My last post ended somewhere along the lines of talking about my greasy hair, so it's only natural (or is it?!) that I transition into a blog post about the stuff on my head. I've had quite a few questions in the past regarding how my hair seems to have gone from semi-long to stupidly long in what seems to be no time, so I've decided to post a little bit about my hair history and what I do to keep it growing!

For starters, I'm naturally just a really hairy person. I mean, have you seen my eyebrows? They're monsters. Everyone in my family has a good head of hair, so I guess a lot of this does just boil down to my hair-growing-genes. Thanks ma.

That being said, there are always ways to encourage healthy hair growth. I've been a qualified hairdresser for years now (yes, really) so I've always had the luxury of being able to do my hair myself, but one of the best things anyone can do is get their hair cut regularly. For me, I generally trim a few millimetres off of the ends of my hair every month, just to keep it fresh. Obviously you can do this yourself (if you have a steady hand) but it's obviously much better - and potentially safer - if you go to a salon.

Next is the art of head massage. Ever wondered why hairdressers massage your hair when they wash it? It's actually to stimulate the scalp and bring blood to the surface - ultimately making hair grow (although it's by no means an instant thing). I like to give my head a lil rub whenever I'm shampooing and conditioning - it's kind of ridiculously relaxing too!

Obviously eating and drinking right can help, but since we're in the festive season I'm hardly going to pretend that I eat kale and drink 5000 litres of water each day. Instead, I'm just going to go ahead and talk about something a bit more superficial: hair products. 

I'm the sort of person that lets their hair air dry, but sometimes I will have to put a dryer or some straighteners to my mop in a real hair-mergency. Whenever I'm using styling tools I always make sure I coat my hair in moisturising oils and some form of heat defense to, you know, defend it from heat, and when second day hair comes around I'll be skipping the convential hair wash and going staight for the can of dry shampoo. Why? To ensure I'm not stripping my hair of its natural oils and - more importantly - because I'm far too lazy to wait for my hair to try every day.

Any more questions? Leave em below!

Heat defence spray from Montibel-lo
Texture spray from SHOW Beauty
Hair spray from id Hair Elements
Blow dryer from Tresemme
Urban Anti-dotes range from Bed Head