What's in my bag - The summer edit

What's in my bag summer

THE contents of my bag (can I get a round of applause for it being neon green?) doesn't vary too much on a day to day basis, but when the sun comes out I like to include a few extras that help get me through the day. SPF is always a must for me regardless of whether its 2 degrees or 200, so I like to pop an SPF concealer into my bag for top ups through-out the day. My Instax camera is probably my new obsession so I tend to have it in my car on a day to day basis in case something polaroid-worthy happens. The sunglasses are kind of a given for me - sun = squinting, which = wrinkles and that = an unhappy Steph, so I won't leave my house when it's sunny without my Ray-Bans. Also a lifesaver for hiding those late nights..

NEON CLUTCH | Maison Franchise (via The Dressing Room - love this style too)  INSTAX CAMERA | FujiFilm  SUNGLASSES |Ray-Ban  LIP BALM | The Bakewell Soap Company  SAMSUNG | Note 3  NO CONCEALER CONCEALER | Perricone MD

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