The 'F' Word: Is faking it ever okay?

Replica Stella MCcartney
Stella McCartney shoes
Replica McCartney shoes
Stella McCartney replica shoes
Stella McCartney shoes

THIS might take some of you by surprise (judging by my countless diamond rings and golden medallions I wear each day) but I am not a millionaire. Shocking I know, but I am in fact an extremely average 21 year old student that unfortunately has an irrational obsession with shoes of the designer nature. Growing up I've always been taught to the idea that if I can't afford it, I can't have it, so for me adding a pair of shoes to a credit card (that I refuse to have) or spending the equivalent of three months rent on anything other than necessities (read: burgers) is a big no-no. 

So let's all address the elephant in the room here. These shoes? 110% not Stella McCartney, no matter how much I'd like to think they are. I toyed with the idea once upon a time, but no matter how much I love a pair of shoes I can't ever justify spending that much on something that simply stops my feet getting dirty. Because that's all they are, right? Apart from turning me into an instant goddess that one time I tried the Lugs on in Libertys (or so I'd like to think) the knock-offs are doing almost everything the real-deal shoes did for me. I'm probably losing some serious blogger points for this, but there we go.

Anyway, regardless of whether you own one thousand or one single pair of shoes, I'm curious to know what you think about the faux/fo' real fashion debate. Leave your opinions in the comments below. And before you ask, yes I did spill something all over this outfit. There's a reason I wear all-black black you know..

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