What's in my beach bag!?

Swimwear 365 Beach Bag Essentials

Okkkkkayy...so maybe I don't keep a mini cactus in my bag, and maybe I don't walk around with a film camera 24/7 (if ever) but sometimes I just like to take pretty pictures of things that look nice. Is that such a crime!?

So anyway, we're having this thing called a heatwave here in the UK, so tomorrow we've decided to head out to our local beach and - being the horrendously uptight packing planner I've already laid out everything I'm going to be taking along for the ride. Sans cactus obvz.

I've had this Adidas bikini from Swimwear 365 sitting around in my drawers for ages now, but apparently Britain didn't get the memo that it was summer, and so I've only had the pleasure of jumping around my room in it every once in a while, It was only until I actually started mocking up my beach look that I realised my bikini is pretty much the elasticated, swimsuit version of my pool sliders. Okay maybe not, but they both have stripes, gimme a break!

We just picked up some new ND filters for le camera so fingers crossed we can get a couple of nice shots tomorrow with me actually wearing some of the above (again, not going to wear a cactus any time soon). Who knows. Who. Knows.

What's in your summery beach bag?


adidas Black Bikini via Swimwear 365 *
Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 *
Clarins Sunscreen Oil Spray *
Adidas Adilette Pool Sliders *
Caudalie Beauty Elixir *
ROC Shelly Sunglasses *

A carboot-inspired outfit (wait, what?)

Cocochic Outfit OOTD Culottes Fur Stole
Cocochic Outfit OOTD Culottes Fur Stole
Cocochic Outfit OOTD Culottes Fur Stole
Cocochic Outfit OOTD Culottes Fur Stole
Cocochic Outfit OOTD Culottes Fur Stole
Cocochic Outfit OOTD Culottes Fur Stole

So here I am in all of my boyish glory - a complete polar opposite to any Youtube videos or tit-picks I've been showcasing on the blog recently. I feel like during the last year my style has gone from something that I guess you could call somewhat minimalist to a complete car boot disaster, in the best possible way. If you told me I would be wearing culottes, faux fur accessories and a man's jumper in public (let alone on the internet) a few years ago, I'd have laughed in your face. Ironic really, considering that that's pretty much the exact reaction I get when I step outside in this little number. H8rz gon h8.

How has your style changed over the past year?


Adidas Sweater via Footasylum
Baggy Culottes from Monki (also here)
H&M Faux Fur Stole (very similar here)
New Look Jacket (Missguided version here)
Forever 21 Cross Body Bag
Daniel Doriago Boots

Winter is coming

Adidas Trefoil tee outfit
Adidas trefoil tee outfit

Good lord it has gotten cold here in the UK, but I refuse to stop wearing my sandals until my toes turn blue (they're more of a casual shade of lilac right now - no biggie). There was one day last week when the cold wasn't so horrendous that it actually allowed me to walk out in a thin t-shirt, although I did end up running back home almost instantly to grab a sweater and stop myself from turning into a snow man - little too early for those kind of festivities I think.

I'm rocking one of my trade mark moody faces today, but thought I'd give you a quick heads up about what's to come. Make sure you check back on Friday for a massive onslaught for blogger bloopers - from all of us! Trust me, you're about to wish you could un-see things..

Logo tee from Adidas (Nike version here)
Leather trousers from Blank NYC (cheaper here)
Sandals from Steve Madden (again, similar here)
Clutch from 3.1 Phillip Lim (that the cats have decided to claw to pieces..)

What it's like to survive without the internet

Surviving without the internet
Surviving without the internet
Surviving without the internet
Surviving without the internet

Talk about first world problems - this week I've been in the midst of moving house (if I haven't already mentioned that enough times) so my connection to the digital world has been somewhat non-existent. I've said it once and I'll say it again - thank the lord for coffee shops with free wi-fi. I've potentially consumed more iced lattes in the past week than I have in my entire life, which says a lot. But despite the caffeine shakes and having to actually get dressed before leaving the house, I've really enjoyed working out of the house for once. Who would have thought there was a life outside of the internet? Maybe I'll make this venturing out ordeal a weekly tradition.

Tee from Chicwish (on sale)
Culottes from Forever 21
Slides from Adidas

A flat-lay of my current favourites

Flatlay fashion beauty

So I kinda skipped out on this month's beauty favourites, so instead let's opt for a bit of an all-rounder sort of post. The name is pretty self explainatory - these are my current favourites. The picture however, might not be. Lately I've been loving (okay, maybe an exaggeration) getting up earlier than usual. I'm a complete night owl but my boyfriend works a pretty intense 9-5 job so I've been attempting to get my sleep-act together in preparation for us sharing a room together. Because let's face it - I'm not sure he'll appreciate my 3am bed times.

Second on my list is lemons. Just your plain, bog-standard lemons. I'm a serious water-phobe. I hate drinking the stuff and I hate the taste - or rather the severe lack-of - so I've started squeezing half a lemon into my glasses of water. Now, I'm practically an addict.

As for the bralette? It should come as no surprise to any of you avid readers that I've been having a bit of an underwear haul lately. Three bras in one month? I'm one nipple tassle away from owning my own lingerie shop. Almost.

Adidas pool slides are pretty much every bloggers favourite right now, so I won't try and pretend I have a great reason for buying them. I'm just a complete sucker when it comes to footwear. I will say one thing: they are c-o-m-f-y-!

I don't think my boyfriend and I have ever had a nice, smiling photo taken together - it's just not what we do - so right now I have about 400 polaroid pictures of us frowning and/or making stupid faces. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all these selfies (I think a wall dedicated to Ollie and I is a bit much) but they're definitely fun to take.

And the watch? Yep, green. I still use my phone to check the time every five minutes, but we all know watches are for aesthetic purposes only. I mean who actually uses a timeteller to tell the time? Answers on a post card please. Either way, I've been loving how this thing looks on my arm lately.

What are your obsessions this month?

Alarm clock from a random market
Pool slides from Adidas (can be bought here)
Lace bralette from Her Pony
Polaroids of me and the boi from my Instax Mini camera
Small timeteller watch from Nixon