Rihanna 'Work' Makeup Tutorial

simple every day look. I mean, I guess when you plonk a metallic blue/green lipstick on your face you can't really go more crazy, so do let me know if you want to see more makeup looks!

And of course - if you think I'm good enough - I would love it if you'd consider voting for me in the next round and getting me to the final 10! Voting opens in around a week so keep your eyes peeled. Spoiler alert: I didn't cut off / bleach all my hair. Syke.

A few weeks back you might remember that I became one of the 30 finalists for the #IAmFreedom makeup awards competition, to which I kindly asked / begged you to vote for me to help me get to the next round and, well, we made it! Thank you so so much. I won't get all emosh on you guys but it really, truly, means everything to me knowing that you all have my back. 

So here I am, sitting not-so-comfortably in the final 20, the stakes are high (like, a £20,000 prize kinda high) and having played it safe in the beauty department for well, my entire life, I decided it was finally time to step outside my comfort zone for the next 'Modern Icons / Hollywood Glamour' challenge, and (attempt) to turn myself in Rihanna from her 'Work' music video. Only with less dancing, more clothes, and less of a booty.

I've wanted to do makeup tutorials for such a long time now, but I've never felt confident enough to do anything other than a


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