Summer style must-haves

Summer is one of those seasons where I feel like you can really go wild with your style. There's holiday glam, festival chic, beach babe. I mean, you can pretty much rock a new look every day of the week if you fancy it. And if you do, well, we all know what that means: lots and lots of shopping.

I don't know how I can justify even calling this season a 'summer' here in the UK, since we appear to have only had approximately 13 hours of sunshine since, well, the last millenium. But, I still remain hopeful that - sometime over the next six months - we might in fact end up with at least a few days of sunshine. And so in preparation for my 'hopeful heatwave' I've apparently decided to stock up on enough summer staples to keep me, uh, clothed up until the next millenium. 

And so, after all this shopping (and by that I mean 'market research') I've decided to share with you some of my fave summer staples that you can rock rain or shine. But let's face it, you might wanna stock up on an umbrella while you're at it, too..

Summer fashion trends
Summer style staples



I love lace up sandals, but they're not always the most practical type of footwear since they tend to fall down every two seconds. The trick? Zip up sandals! Just as cool, but way more practical.



What was my life before floaty bardot tops? I don't even remember a time when I didn't have 55,000 bardots sitting in my wardrobe. But you know, I still need more.



I find it difficult to look sexy when I'm sweating like mad and covered in mosquito bites, but eyelash trim camisole tops definitely help my lacking sex appeal situation.



I love summer for the fact that I'm able to chuck on one item of clothing and look somewhat put together. Lately, all I've been wearing are boho dresses. Picture proof above.



When I'm dressed head to toe in boho, it seems only fitting that I go boho on my baggage as well. Bucket bags are big enough to chuck in my camera, but small enough too look cute as hell.


Similar to dresses, I love playsuits for the fat that I can chuck one on without a worry. They're also a lot more practical than dresses, which is a plus for the festival season.

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