Why we all need to step outside of our comfort zone

I am very much one of those people that like to stay within their comfort zone. I'm more inclined to sit and home on a Saturday night, catching up on the latest Hollyoaks Omnibus rather than going out, partying, and drinking my weight in some form of non-alcoholic-tasting cocktail. Oh, I know how to live.

Same goes with my blog. I write the words and snap the flat lays, Ollie takes the photos of me (click if you want to hear all about Ollie's tips on how to take better blog photos) and I pose awkwardly in the street whilst members of the public wonder what the hell it is I'm doing. It's a system that works, and it;s a system we stick to. So when I was contacted by Modalu a few weeks ago, asking me to be the photographer for their new social media campaign I was all kinds of nervous. I mean, I've only ever taken photos of things in the comfort of my own bedroom whilst dressed in my pyjamas. How was I supposed to go into Covent Garden - which is a fair bit busier than my bedroom - and shoot around ten different handbags in the space of two hours!? Let alone doing it..actually dressed. Anyway, I did it (and I wasn't in my PJs) and amazingly enough the brand loved everything I shot. I did something completely out of my comfort zone and - to my own amazement - I didn't actually die. In fact, I actually kind of enjoyed it. And if that wasn't enough, Modalu actually liked what I produced for them so much that they want to work with me again. And I've even had a few freelance photography jobs since then! Game on, Ollie.

It can open so many doors 

See, upon Googling the words 'comfort zone' the first definitions that come up are: "a situation where one feels safe or at ease" and "a settled method of working that requires little effort and yields only barely acceptable results". How riveting. So if you want to get a promotion, or achieve a goal, you can rest assured that you'll never be able to do it if you don't push yourself in some shape or form. They say that good things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone, and I mean, I'm not sure who 'they' are or how much of a reliable source these anonymous people might be, but they seem to knw what they're talking about. 

It'll make you more productive

Once you've done something great you'll forever be comparing each and every day to that one amazing time where you stepped outside of your usual daily routine. If there's one thing I've learnt from going out of my comfort zone, it's just how addictive it can all be. We all want to be better - whether it's as people, our jobs, whatever - so once you start taking those first steps you'll begin to get a taste of exactly how things could be. You'll see progression and you'll become more and more determined to achieve your goals. After time, the idea of staying in bed for an extra three hours on the weekend will bore you, rather than fill you with joy. Instead you'll want to get up early - no matter how tired you are - and get shit done. Say goodbye to lie ins, and hello to success. Wow, I officially sound like a public speaker. I ain't even mad.

It'll help you grow as a person

Think about it - if your dailyactivities never change, neither will you. The things we do and the things we experience shape us as people and allow us to grow. I can't imagine the CEO of Instagram just woke up one day and decided to invent a brand new, multi-million app. They probably worked their way up to it over years and years of stepping outside of their comfort zone. It could have started out as simply taking a different route to work each morning, and it could have progressed into investing all their hard-earned cash into creating Instagram itself. Sure, it might have all blown up in their face, but it probably turned out to be the best decision they ever made.

It'll help you in the future

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is scary. You put yourself out there to experience new things and - whilst the majority of these new endeavours are all kinds of fun - sometimes things won't quite work out exactly how you wanted them to. To put it bluntly, shit happens, and it sucks. But if you never experience the car stuff in life you'll never appreciate the good. Plus, any mistakes you make outside of that dreaded comfort zone can be popped into the back of your mind as a lesson for what not to do next time around. Ha. Look at this pessimist being all silver-lining here!

Anyway, after all that, I really hope you guys enjoy the pictures I churned out for Modalu a few weeks back (it'd be awkward now if you didn't). I'd love to know how you guys ave stepped out of your comfort zone in the past week! Go on, make me look bad.


What I was wearing

Boohoo leather jacket
French Connection knitted jumper *
French Connection pleated skirt *
Zign by Zalando knee high boots *

(All handbags by Modalu)