Should you switch to Instagram Stories?

Why you should switch to Instagram stories

So unless you've been living under a rock lately you're probably well aware that Instagram went into full copy cat mode last week and created their own version of Snapchat stories. And by their own version, I mean that they copied pretty much every single thing about it. Naughty.

Now I'm very much a 'stuck in my ways' kind of gal. I hopped on the Instagram bandwagon about a year later than everyone else, and I didn't use snapchat properly until a few months ago, so when Instagram Stories came about my instant reaction was to run for the hills. My friend Olivia however, is much more experimental when it comes to marketing, and so when she told me that her Instagram Story views quadrupled her Snapchat

views in just a few hours, I obviously had to give it a go. 

And - as usual - she was right. Now, my average Snapchat story gets around 300 views in the space of 24 hours. But my Instagram Story? Within about an hour of ordering, snapping and eating my dinner my views ended up at over 400. By the time I got home it averaged out at around 900. Same picture, but three times the amount of views in just a few hours. Since then, I've been using Instagram Stories almost exclusively (apart from those times when I really want a dog filter on my face) and I thought I'd do a little run down of the pros and cons of each incase you're still on the the fence about whether to switch, stay, or juggle them both.

It's all in one app

This might just be a plus when it comes to lazy girls like me, but if I'm out and about and I want to snap something for both Instagram and some form of 'story' then I find it so much easier to do it all in one app as opposed to having to flit between Instagram and Snapchat. Another plus side of using just one app is that you'll only need to build up one following as opposed to two, so you can really focus on creating quality content, as opposed to quantity.

It's easier to use

I'll be honest - I find snapchat a bit of a pain to use. Ive been using it for months now and even still I forget which way to swipe. Maybe I've become one of 'those' older people that aren't down with the kids, but sometimes I just get irritated with the way Snapchat is designed as a whole. Instagram stories is super simple to use and it doesn't interfere with the app as a whole, as it's more of an add-on as opposed to a complete app overhaul. Snapchat's additions just seem to make the app more complicated.

The filters aren't as fun

The only reason I go back to Snapchat now is to give myself a bit of an ego boost with the fancy prettifying filters. There are definitely more selfie benefits with snapchat, but - lets face it - I probably should go on a bit of a selfie ban as it is, so maybe it's a blessing in disguise. The Instagram story filters are still very basic, but chances are if Insta's happy enough to copy Snapchat to such an extent, the filters are well on their way.

Your audience is already there

Chances are you probably have more people following you on Instagram than you do Snapchat, which means there's already a higher chance of audience engagement. For me personally, I find it a lot easier to gain Instagram followers than I do Snapchat, so it only makes sense for me to utilise that by using Instagram stories over Snapchat.


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