My Philips Zoom! Treatment - Before & After

Growing up, I never had the nicest teeth. I was a small scrawny kid with big, wonky teeth and far too many fillings. The latter still kind of applies now (what can I say? Girl's got a sweet tooth), however thanks to a few grueling years of brace-wearing and a few sessions of bonding, I finally became happy with my smile. Now some of you may remember a short while ago that I had some excess brace glue removed from my teeth, which resulted in them looking whiter. And whilst they did look incredibly white for a while, I soon realised that my natural teeth began to stain a lot easier as well - which isn't ideal when 75% of your daily fluids consist of tea, coffee and red wine. 

I'd heard about so many different whitening treatments in the past, but I'd also heard so many horror stories that instead of going ahead with any  I chose to just live my yellow-toothed-life, slapping on whitening strips to my hearts content. They worked, but they didn't last. And I was kind of starting to worry about the effect they might have on my teeth in the long run. I mean, I wanted white teeth, but I also wanted to keep them in my mouth for as long as possible.

So when I was invited down to try out Philips Zoom! I was a little bit apprehensive to say the least. Dentists terrify me - I'm sure I'm not alone on that one. But I was quickly reassured by the fact that I was going to have celebrity dentist Rhona Eskander performing the treatment on me. If it's good enough for a celebrity, it's definitely good enough for me!

I received my Philips Zoom! treatment at the SW1 Dental Clinic in London. The process itself took around an hour and a half from start to finish, with the whitening treatment itself taking an hour. The first step was to take moulds of my teeth so that I could have personalised trays made to take him with me for the at-home treatment. If you've ever had braces, you'll know exactly how this goes down. Think biting into a big, blue, minty chunk of playdough. Oddly satisfying, also a little bit gross. That part of the treatment takes just around five minutes - the trays are made during the Philips Zoom! process itself. 

Prior to the whitening Rhona placed cotton balls around my lips and cheeks in order to keep the product itself away from my skin. She then used what is called a liquid dam to ensure the whitening gel stayed on my teeth and didn't go onto my gums. 

Once I was looking sufficiently sexy the treatment was ready to begin, but not before I was styled up with some seriously glamourous goggles to complete the look. The treatment consisted of four fifteen minute courses, which went surprisingly fast as the goggles connected to a screen that allowed me to watch a film the entire time. I chose American Psycho because, what better film to watch at the dentist that one filled with gore?

An hour later and I was allowed to see the transformation. The pictures below barely do it any justice, so I definitely recommend checking out the video below for a full before and after. I was honestly so thrilled with the results!

But that wasn't the end of it. After being given the trays of my teeth and two syringes of the Philips Zoom! gel I was sent home to continue my treatment. Honestly, a month later and my teeth are still looking just as white as they were on the day I left the clinic, with absolutely zero sensitivity. And if I ever need to top up with more gel again in the future I can go ahead and use the same trays as before. But judging by my teeth now, I won't need to do that again any time soon..



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* This post was sponsored by Philips Zoom! *