Staying on schedule with Swatch SKIN

"Time stops for no one and - on good days - neither do I"





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Time stops for no one, and - on good days - neither do I. Being a content creator I make sure I never leave the house without two key pieces of tech - my camera (for snapping Insta-worthy things on the go) and a watch on my wrist to keep me on time for meetings and events. I never know what each day might bring, whether I'm doing my thing in front of the camera, editing on the go or squeezing in a quick workout in between appointments, so I need something that acts a second skin to make sure I stick to my schedule - whatever that might be.

Enter the new Swatch SKIN watches - the latest addition to Swatch's ever-growing collection - that are designed to slot perfectly into your every day life thanks to their lightweight and minimalistic design. Inspired by movement and consisting of eleven

different designs from pastel silicone straps to stainless steel bracelets, the Swatch SKIN collection is suited to both men and women no matter what their style. I've always loved watches that look somewhat masculine - kind of as if I just slipped it off my boyfriend's wrist without him realising - so I opted for the SKIN Mesh style which literally goes with every look I create. Whenever I'm working the last thing I want is for my outfit and accessories to get in the way of what I'm doing. For me, freedom is everything with my job. I love being able to work on the go, whether I'm tapping away on my laptop in a local coffee shop or replying to emails as I hop on a flight to London. So when it comes to what I'm wearing I want everything to be practical and comfortable, but still super stylish as well. It'd be even better if it kept me on time for everything, but hey, we can't expect this thing to work miracles can we!?

This post is in collaboration with Swatch.