The boots that do more than just look good

Okay so maybe these boots do just look good, but then again, how many uses are shoes actually meant to have? I was deliberating about whether or not I should even post something about these boots in a non-outfit manner, since I normally like to keep the majority of my blog posts fairly, I don't know, useful? Insightful?! Whatever. But today I've decided to come at you with something completely materialistic and undeniably impractical in the form of some thigh high lace up boots from none other than my faves Missguided. Oh mama.

So if these boots don't actually 'do' anything, what on earth am I on about in the title? Well my friends, of course I'm going to have some sort of profound thing to say about a piece of material wrapped around my legs and feet. Haven't you learnt that about me by now? But anyway, I'll keep it short and sweet for you - both because I'm sleepy and also because I'm not sure even I can make up an in-depth story about boots.

Basically, these shoes have dragged me out of my style rut. Like I said above, they're completely impractical (especially for a girl that lives in the countryside) but I feel like that's exactly what I've been needing. I mean, comfort is great and all, but that's what pyjamas and Birkenstocks  - still my one true love - are for. I don't know how I'm going to style these babies - let alone walk in them - but I do know that it's time to have fun with what I wear again. Comfort? Pah. I'll wear Crocs when I'm old.


Missguided peep toe over the knee boots *
Missguided denim pencil skirt *