Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighters

After swatching on my hand I was impressed, but not blown away. The pigment was there, but it did take me a few swipes to pick up the exact amount of opacity I wanted. However - just like a lot of other drugstore glows - once you break through the 'outer layer' of the pan the powder softens and becomes a lot easier to pick up. It's when you apply these powders with a brush that they really come into their own. One application gives a subtle (but still enviable) glow, two applications give a more intense shine. But three? You better have your sunnies on. The best bit is that - despite being incredibly buildable - the Skin Kiss highlighters never seem to look powdery on the skin.

As for the Bronze Kiss, this cream swatches as more of a subtle glow than any kind of bronzing or contouring product. As someone who prefers powders, I wouldn't say this is my favourite product of all time, however I imagine it'd be amazing on sun-kissed skin or across the decoletage for a night out.

Makeup Revolution is one of those brands that churn out products like it's no ones business. I mean, I could probably even dedicate an entire blog to just posting about new MUR products and I'd never run out of new content (in fact, that's probably not a bad idea) - however today, I decided to focus more so on their latest releases and review the new Skin Kiss highlighters and cream bronzer, which, don't only photograph amazingly well, but apply pretty damn nicely too.

The highlighters come in three shades - Ice Kiss (a white highlight), Golden Kiss (a champagne shimmer) and Peach Kiss (a rose gold glow - and retail for just five pounds each for 14g worth of product. The rose gold compacts are big, but still quite nice and slim and contain a large, flattering mirror that's perfect for on the go. The bronze (aptly named Bronze Kiss) is packaged in the exact same way and retails for the same price, only for 11.5g of product.

L-R: Golden Kiss, Ice Kiss, Peach Kiss, Bronze Kiss

Will you be trying these out? Which is your favourite shade?

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