Makeup Haul and Unboxing


Excuse the lazy posting schedule at the moment. You know the drill - dissertations, deadlines, drinking copious amounts of coffee in a bid to do said dissertation and deadlines. It all goes round in circles. But alas! Just a few more weeks to go until I can finally dedicate all my time to you guys again. You know, after I've had a celebratory three day nap.

Anyway, in case you didn't already know, I'm back on Youtube! I'm so excited to get back into filming and I have so many things planned for you guys over the next few months. But today, I've decided to take it old school with a blogger mail beauty haul, including mini reviews and swatches if you're feeling nosey. All of the product details can be found over on my channel, so get clickin'! Oh, and if you fancy it, why not click that subscribe button while you're there?!


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