The big liquid lipstick review

I don't know whether I should be proud or ashamed of the amount of liquid lipsticks I own - especially considering the fact that the majority of them are all a remarkably similar shade of nude and/or pinky nude. And - let's face it - they're pretty much all matte as well. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit. 

But anyway. I've been hoarding these babies for a good few years now and - after realising I had accumulated over one hundred of them (gulp) - I thought it was about time I did a full in-depth review on my favourites. Where you can buy them, and what they're best for. Why I love them, and why you should too.

I mean, that kind of justifies that amount I have, right? I can totally put all of this spending down as research. Doing it for you guys, etc etc. And whilst I am mostly joking, I do like to think I know a good liquid lippie when I see one. It's not been easy (you know, painstakingly playing with lipstick all day and all that) but I've finally narrowed it down to the most notable. Wallets at the ready!




I received one of these in a Love Me Beauty box a few months ago but neglected to try it up until recently. Whilst a little more drying than some of my faves, these babies absolutely do not budge. The matte version comes in twenty four different shades but Cailyn also stock velvet, mousse and metallic varieties too. At £14.95 they're some of the more expensive liquid lippies in my collection, but I definitely recommend the investment if you're looking for an every day lip colour or something super specific.



The Ciate Liquid Velvets have to be some of my most favourite liquid lipsticks ever - and that's a pretty bold statement coming from the liquid lip obsessive that I am. At £17 each, they're some of the most expensive that I've come across, but in my opinion they are absolutely worth it. The finish is matte, but the product itself never dries down completely, so they're really comfortable on the lips. They come in thirteen different shades, including a really unique blue / grey shade. Definitely worth a go.



You guys know how much of a Freedom makeup fanatic I am, but one of the best products I've come across since discovering the brand is their Pro Melts that come in at just £3 a piece. The Pro Melts come in twenty eight different shades ranging from nudes to navy blues and are all super pigmented with a glossy finish. They last around 2-4 hours on the lips, but if you want something more matte and long-lasting try blotting the gloss with a tissue, reapplying, and blotting again.




A recent obsession of mine are the Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes. I'd never really heard much about the Balm's liquid lipsticks, but decided to give them a go after seeing some swatches online. At £13/50. they're not the cheapest you'll come across, but they're one of the more comfortable matte liquid lippies I've tried. There are currently twelve shades available - most of them airing on the nude or pink side of things. The colour range isn't amazing, but the product itself is one of the best.



Another recent drugstore favourite of mine are the Sleek Matte Mes - specifically the shade birthday suit. At £4.99 each they're super affordable but the quality is great. They have an almost creamy consistency that dries down matte in less than a minute, and whilst they're a teensy bit drying, a little bit of lip balm underneath solves that issue completely. The Matte Me liquid lipsticks come in twelve different shades and have a good mix of both natural and vampy colours. 



Unfortunately, as far as I know these babies aren't available in stores any more, but they're easily accessible online and - better yet - they usually cost you a couple of quid compared to the original £6.49 retail price. They come in around sixteen different shades (four of them matte) and last for around 6 - 8 hours on the lips, so super long lasting. The product takes a little while to dry down (so you might have to keep your gob open for a good minute or so) but once they dry they're nice and comfortable to wear.


I thought I couldn't love the NYX Liquid Suedes more than I already did, until they decided to add another twelve shades to the collection. The new shades are currently only available in the US (although click here for a sneaky way to get them in the UK..) but there are still twelve other amazing shades available now, including everything from a greyish blue to a super vibrant purple. They're matte but comfortable, insanely pigmented and take just a few seconds to dry down on the lips. By far my favourite liquid lipstick on the drugstore at just £6.50 each.



A surprising discovery for me was the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers. At just £3 each they're incredibly pigmented, and come in twenty one shades including white (!) and pastel purple. The product is highly scented, which can be both a turn on or off for some people, but there's no scent once they dry down, which takes little to no time at all. Try not to layer these up as they can get a little crumbly if you over apply, but once you've mastered the application these budget buys are pretty great.



Another recent addition to the liquid lippy fam are the Milani Amore Matte Lip Creams, which come in a whopping twenty eight different shades. I've heard so much about these, so decided to give one a go and I'm absolutely obsessed. The formula is quick drying and completely matte, whilst still being really comfortable to wear. The colour is really pigmented and at £8 a piece here in the UK ($8.99 if you're in the US) they're a touch pricier than other drugstore brands, but the quality of the product itself is tip top.




The most affordable of the bunch is the I Heart Makeup Lip Lavas which are a dupe for Too Faced's Melted Liquid Lipsticks. For less than three quid the packaging is super cute, and the product inside is pretty great as well. The colour range is pretty limited with just five colours available, but they colours they do have are all amazing. Since the formulation is a gloss finish they're not the most long lasting lippies on the market, but they fade nicely and - since they  contain Vitamin E - they're nice and moisturising too.



The Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks recently made their away into my collection and - I have to admit - they are absolutely, 100% worth the hype. At £15 each they're not exactly the cheapest, but they come in thirty different shades so chances are you'll be able to find at least one perfect shade to invest in. They do exactly what they say on the tin, in that they last and last and last. You can pick up a deluxe sample on Love Me Beauty right now for just a fiver using the code 'cocochic50'.



Bagsy are a brand that I've heard very little about, but the general jist is that they're beauty products you can just chuck in your bag. Get it? I think the Bagsy Lip Velvets might have been my first ever liquid lipsticks, but because I'd never heard of the brand I wasn't in a rush to try them. Once I realised the potential of liquid lippies I dug these out and gave them a go and they're actually really, really good! They only come in four shades which isn't ideal, but the formulation is super matte and comfortable to wear.



The Colourpop Ultra Mattes were the reason I became so obsessed with liquid lipsticks, and since Colourpop now ship internationally I don't feel guilty about recommending them any more! There are around thirty eight shades in the Ultra Matte range, including everything from dark greys to emerald greens. They are a little drying compared to other matte liquid lipsticks, but a little bit of lip balm underneath solves that problem. They come in at just £4.50 each. Bargain.



Whilst these aren't quite as amazing as the Liquid Suedes, the NYX Lip Lingeries still hold a very firm place in my heart. If you're a nude lip obsessive like me, these definitely deserve a look in. They come in twelve not-so-different-bit-equally-amazing nude shades and dry down to a super matte finish. They're a little more sheer than the liquid suedes, but they're nicely pigmented and perfect for every day. And at just £6.50 each you could even pick up the entire collection without breaking the bank.

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