The only LBD you'll need this season



My style changes on an almost daily basis. One day I'm in ripped jeans and leathers, the next I'm in my frilliest, floatiest dress I own, and then the next I'm wandering around my house in an old t-shirt and sweatpants that are seriously overdue a trip to the washing machine. Comfort is key - that's something that always remains a constant for me. I love dressing up, but I also love being able to just throw something on with a pair of boots and look somewhat put-together. And hey, if it just so happens to hide any lumps and bumps, that's a plus too. A current favourite of mine comes in at just £9 from Stylewise Direct, as it's casual, comfy, but still seriously on trend. I mean hey, if ripped jumper dresses are good enough for King Kylie, then they're definitely good enough for me. Pair them with biker boots for something seriously nonchalant or slip on some sock booties for something a little more glam. Wear it to bed, wake up, and go. I won't tell anyone.







This post is in collaboration with Stylewise Direct.