Last Minute Stocking Filler Gift Guide

Anyway, of course diamonds and general jewels are a great addition to any Christmas stocking, but if you're on a budget (or you know, you're just so over being doused in riches..sob) I like to think that I've put together a bunch of bits and pieces that will suit just about anyone! Although maybe not your Grandpa..unless of course he happens to be into metallic lipstick and pink pom poms.Feel free to check out more of my stocking filler faves down below!

I swear, stocking fillers might just be one of my most favourite things to buy during Christmas - apart from the obligatory wine and cheese. I think it's something to do with the challenge of finding good gifts that fit within a festive sock, on a reasonable budget. The fact that I wanted to create this post and make everything match and look aesthetically pleasing only added to that challenge. Is it lame if I admit to having the time of my life styling up these gift guides?

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