Is 'blogger' a dirty word?

I always feel awkward when people ask me what it is that I actually 'do'. Chances are as soon as I utter the word 'blogger' I'll be judged in some shape or form. I mean, seriously, blogging isn't exactly a real job, it's it? All we really do is sit in our PJs (which were obviously gifted) drinking coffee (which we obviously Instagrammed), writing about the new Chanel bag our rich parents bought us. Sounds like a pretty easy life to me. 

Of course I'm joking about the rich folks anecdote up there, but in reality that's how a lot of people see us (very average) Internet folk. True, I do potentially spend far too much time in my pyjamas, and I probably don't need to take a picture of my cappuccino every single morning just to get a few likes, but hey, it's part of the job. Some people get health benefits, some get a company car, I get to work from my bed. Perks, my friends, perks.

But anyway, what was I saying about blogging as a job? Oh yeah, people don't consider it as one. I mean, I get it, I pay my bills by writing down my thoughts on the Internet, prancing around in free clothes and taking pictures of my lunch on Instagram - I'm not exactly changing the world here. But do you know what makes blogging a job for me? The clue was in the previous sentence. It pays my bills. And as long as I'm not harming anyone or doing anything illegal here, what exactly is the problem?

The problem is the misconceptions people have towards bloggers. For some reason there is this idea that bloggers are essentially just lazy privileged kids that fell into what they do. They weren't trained to be bloggers - they didn't get a qualification and work their way up the career ladder to become a blogger, they just started posting photos of themselves (or whatever their niche is) and telling the world all about it. These days these 'lazy bloggers' are doing everything from appearing on the covers of magazines, to creating their own makeup line to even writing their own books. Sure, they probably aren't trained in doing any of the above, but that's what makes it so bloody great. 

Normal people are turning their lives into a career. What could be more inspiring than someone being themselves, and actually earning a living from it? Could you imagine kids in five years time being asked what they wanted to be when they grow up, and simply being able to reply 'myself' and that actually being a viable answer?

Now I get that there can be negative connotations that come with being a blogger - honestly, I do. We get all these opportunities and get paid for all these different things, how can you really know what's genuine and what's an advert anymore? But wait a minute, isn't that what we're constantly inundated with each day anyway? TV ads? Glossy advertorials? I don't know about you guys but I'd much rather be sold something by a real person than a multi million conglomerate that doesn't need the dollar. We've got bills to pay (and I've got cats to feed), people!

I remember my mum once telling me she used to work two or three jobs pulling pints and scrubbing toilets just to pay the bills when we were kids, and there is absolutely, 100% no shame in that what so ever. In fact, I have nothing but respect for people that do those kinds of jobs in order to pay their way. My Mum didn't choose to scrub toilets - she just had to. But blogging, on the other hand, probably started out as the total opposite for the most of us. We blogged regardless of the money (because at that time there wasn't any) and instead we did it just because it was something we loved. And after all, isn't that just about everyone's dream career - doing something they're passionate about? What could be more honest than that?

Do you guys think there is a stigma attached to being a blogger?

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