How to track the success of your blog posts

Oh hello there Tip Tuesdays, it's been a while (I seriously need to get that tattooed to my forehead or something). I swear, if someone could gimme some tips on surviving dissertation writing whilst doing, well, life, then that'd be greatly appreciated. But anyway! Enough about me and my inability to write anything other than my name at the top of a Pages document *sob* - in true student procrastination form, I've decided to scrap the schoolwork and write a blog post instead! Here are a few of my favourite, fool-proof ways to track how popular your posts are.


Google Analytics

GA is probably the most popular tracking software around since you can do pretty much anything with it. Don't worry, I'm not going to reel off all the magical things Google Analytics can do (because I've already written a blog post about it, heh) but I will graciously direct you over to Behaviour>Site Content>Pages where you can find out everything you need to know about specific blog posts and URLs, as well as which of your posts are coming out on top. Maybe you received a referral from a super cool website, or maybe you just found the secret ingredient for what makes your readers tick. If it's the latter, take note! Of course you shouldn't churn out the exact same posts every other day (because, yawn) but if there's a particular theme that constantly comes out on top, then keep at it.

Social shares

Post popularity doesn't just stop at a blog post - in fact, a lot of your readers probably come from the big wide world of social media, like Facebook or Twitter. It's important to keep track of how many likes/mentions you get regarding certain posts. You want to make sure you scope out what people are saying on your own posts on social media, as well as what their friends are saying on their profile (if they share your post of course). Kinda like Facebook stalking, but this time we're calling it research. Yeah, 'research'..

Clicks and Conversions

Counting your clicks is especially important when it comes to working with brands or monetising your blog, as it allows you to track what's popular and what's a bit of a flop. My favourite way to track clicks (and oh, is there a lot) is just by using a link shortener like bitly. It takes an extra few seconds to do, but it means you're able to see exactly how many people click on a certain hyperlink. Perhaps your in-post links are working better than the links in your sidebar, or vice versa! Link shorteners are also great for sites like Twitter, where you've gotta make those characters count.

Pinterest pins

We all know how pinning stuff works, right? The more pins the better, you know the drill. One way I like to track my pins however is by searching for my own site at There you can do a little digging and see exactly which pictures your peeps rate the most. The outcome of all this? Take more pictures like that. Simples.


Over the past few years the Blogosphere has seen the number of 'quality' comments decline. You know the ones I'm on about. Things like 'great post' and 'love your blog'. Sure, they're all nice messages, but it's the really engaging comments you want to focus on. The more of them you get, the better your post is performing.

Add This Reports

You know that little set of social icons that sneaks into the top right of your screen whenever you click on my blog? That, my friends, comes courtesy of Add This - AKA the lazy girl's answer to everything. Well, nearly everything anyway. All you have to do is input a quick code, type in a few URLs and voila. Every week (or whenever you fancy) you'll get an email telling you the amount of new visitors you've gotten that week. Where they came from, and how many people followed you on social. You don't even have to lift a finger. Huzzah!

Sharetally Results

Again, another lazy girls traffic tracker (do you sense a theme going on here? Who has TIME to spend four hours tracking traffic. Not me). Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, ShareTally. I'm just popping this one here as it's a recent discovery of mine, and I love it. All you have to do is type in the URL you want to track and there you have it - an overview of your social shares from pretty much every social networking site imaginable. Apart from Bebo. Is Bebo even a thing any more? I miss my other half.*

*Update: Bebo is no more. RIP Bebo.




Remember that post where I spoke about my newly evolving personal style? To all of you that bet I would be back in my leathers in no time at all, I salute you. You know me better than I know myself. For this look I decided to try something a little bit new by airing out my shoulders and throwing my hair up in a messy ponytail - something that's become a bit of a recurring theme with my main as of late. I'm talking about the not-so-sexy buns I sports during spin classes, but still, I'm slowly getting there.

I'd also like to dedicate this blog post to my beloved leather trousers that have potentially graced this blog more than any other item ever. They died a tragic crotch-splitting death a few weeks ago. I'm slowly introducing these new shiny trews from Zara to my capsule wardrobe. I can't bend my legs in them, but whatever, who needs flexibility when you've got #style!? As for the new Ray-Bans cautiously balancing on my nose? Well, that relates back to the dissertation and my lack of sleep at the start of this post. Photoshop can solve a lot of things in life, but sometimes, just sometimes, a big old pair of under eye bags requiring an equally dark set of sunnies.

Aviator sunglasses by Ray-Ban Sunglasses *
Off shoulder knit by Lovers + Friends via REVOLVE *
Zara faux leather trousers with zips (Missguided version)
Boutique 9 leather court shoes (New Look version)


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