How to promote your blog using social media

How to promote your blog

Another day, another late upload (do you really expect any less from me?) - only this time it's due to a late showing of Jurassic World. Opinions, anyone? I kind of want to be friends with a velociraptor. Anyway, Tip Tuesdays - because I'm sure you'd rather read about le blog tips as opposed to my love for CGI dinosaurs..

So if you're anything like I was a few months ago you're probably a little confused by the title of this blog post. I mean surely you just promote your posts on Facebook and Twitter, and maybe a bit of Pinterest? How could anyone possibly write more than ten words about how to do it. Just log in, post a link, badabing, badaboom. But alas, my internet chums, there is so much more to social media promotion, and I, Stephanie of Cocochic, am here to help you uncover the BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Who cares!? Just scroll on down to check out some of the various ways I've upped my promo game. I promise you, it's a lot more than the odd hashtag and tweet.

Twitter chats

So this didn't exactly go to plan tonight, but every week I like to take part in the FBLchat twitter chat (in fact, I'm hosting one next week, so stay tuned for that!). At first I thought they were just a really great way to get talking on Twitter - which they are - but after my first chat I gained around 30 Twitter followers, which is pretty huge for a lazy tweet-er like me. Each session normally focuses around a different topic or question, but some are just general chit chat. All you have to do is get involved using the specific hashtag. I've been super productive / bored and so I've popped some of my fave UK chats down below for ya'll.


#BDIB (7-8pm)
#fbloggers (8-9pm)


#fblchat (8-9pm)
#bloghour (9-10pm)


#lbloggers (7-8pm)
#bbloggers (8-9pm)


#Crazybloggers (7-8pm)
#fbloggers (8-9pm)


#BDIB (8-9pm)


#socialbloggers (6-7pm)


#lbloggers (7-8pm)
#bbloggers (8-9pm)



For years I thought Stumbleupon was just a useless website that people submitted to, but never actually used. Then one day I decided to submit a post of mine and the next day I had a pretty decent surge in traffic. It's not a sure-fire way to get more views on a post, but it's really good if you're feeling a lil bit lazy and you just want to take your chances. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but all you have to do is submit a link and a few tags and you're good to go!

Facebook groups

Oh how I wish I utilised Facebook groups earlier than I did. Again, this is something that I fully underestimated. Who ACTUALLY reads anything people post on Facebook? Surely it's all just 'like for like' and 'spam for spam' pleas every five seconds? Okay, so a lot of it really is just shameless self promotion, but (!) that's not all it is. This was just something I found myself doing one day. I noticed a friend of mine posting something in a group and decided to share a link to my blog. I forgot about it, didn't check my analytics for a few days, went back - having completely forgotten I even posted on there - and suddenly my views had rocketed. Again, this isn't something you can just force, so I wouldn't recommend spamming every group in the world with your links forty times a day, but it's another really easy way to encourage people to check yo sh*t. Better yet? I've even made some friends doing it.


Promoting posts by commenting is something people can take one or two ways AKA they'll either hate it, or not mind it too much. The whole process is pretty similar to commenting on forums. Be involved, be genuine, and do not be pushy. Again, subtlety is key. Perhaps try linking your blog URL in your name at the bottom of a comment, or only linking it when it's relevant to the other person's post.

Reddit / Forums

People tend to chat on forums..go figure!? I remember when I first started out with blogging I was a part of various forums, and - even though it didn't give me a huge traffic increase - it did introduce me to various other bloggers and vice versa. There are loads of forums on Reddit especially for bloggers and promoting posts, so make the most of em. If possible, try and save the 'check out my blog' comments for those Facebook spamming groups. Instead, just leave your blog link in your signature, or at the bottom of each comment. Subtle, yet works a treat!

Scheduling tweets

I freakin' do this internet thing on the daily, and even I don't have the time (or patience) to sit on my computer all day tweeting about my latest blog post! Self-promotion can be embarrassing, so sometimes I like to just get it all out the way by scheduling a few tweets throughout the day. It means I can actually focus on more important tweets, like telling the world how hungry I am, or complaining about how empty my fridge is. I use Buffer to stagger them tweets, FYI.

Encourage others

Two brains are better than one, which means two Twitter accounts are better than one, as well. Now I'm not telling you to go an make duplicate social media accounts (probs wouldn't recommend it) but you'd be surprised at how many people actually want to share your content if you just give them the chance to. For ages I didn't have sharing buttons on my blog. Lord knows why - probably something to do with the graphic design obsessive deep within me - but one day I came to my senses and plonked a few sharing buttons on the site. Surprisingly enough, people do actually share things if they think it'll be of interest to others. Same goes for Twitter and Facebook - and just about any other social site out there. If you make it available, people will be more inclined to share it themselves.

Share images

Images are pretty much the main reason I click on any blog post, so it's important to make sure they're up to par. What does this have to do with social media? Well, think about it. If you make some pretty pictures and post them on the interwebs people are bound to find them somewhere. Whenever I take pictures I always think to myself 'would I pin this?' or 'would I re-blog this on Tumblr?'. If the answer's yes, I'll upload em. If not, I'll give it another go! Because chances are - if us, our own worst critics - like them, the majority of others should too.

Mention relevant people

I've discovered so many amazing blogs just by them mentioning me on Twitter, so I've started to do it myself to help spread the word! Not only does it create more of a community on social media (which is pretty much vital for any sort of promotion) but it's also nice to reach out to fellow bloggers every once in a while! You never know, they could re-tweet it themselves and get the word out even further!

Did I miss anything?