How to Make a Kick-Ass Blogger Media Kit

How to make a blog media kit

Hello and welcome to my first instalment of Tip Tuesdays! If you couldn't already guess from the title of this post, I've decided to show you guys how to make a blogger media kit that's both responsive and - of course - nice to look at.

So, what exactly is a media kit? In short, I guess you could say it's essentially a resumé for you and your website. It tells potential sponsors exactly how much traffic you bring, what you're best at, the services you offer and why the hell they should collaborate with you. So needless to say, if you're presenting a media kit to a client it should be pretty darn good, right?

Now you might all be thinking 'wait a minute Steph, I'm hardly Chiara Ferragni here - why bother making a media kit at all?' - and to that I say, why not!? Whether you have ten followers or ten thousand, putting all of your details down on paper (or PDF..) is always going to be helpful to someone out there - and if you're going to make a media kit, you may as well make a great one. Scroll down for my top tips!

View my Media Kit here!


Update it regularly

Just like a resumé, media kits need to be updated regularly. Had a sudden surge in Instagram followers? Update your follower count! I personally like to make a note in my diary every two weeks to remind myself to amend different bits and pieces - that way brands will always have the most updated copy to hand!

Make it visible

Sometimes brands won't always ask for your media kit, and instead they'll simply expect to see it laid out on your website. For some reason, everyone I've asked seems to feel embarrassed about making it visible, but if it gets you a job or opportunity then I say go for it!

Keep it simple

Again, just like a resumé. PR companies are busy. Very busy. The last thing anyone wants to do is read an essay-like kit on a Monday morning, so I like to keep mine to around two A4 pages. Everything is laid out really simply, so if someone's looking for something in particular they can find it within a few seconds.

Make it a PDF

Oh the joys of PDFs. Whenever you save your updated media kit be sure to save it as a PDF (how many more times can I write PDF in this paragraph) - this way all of the links you include will be fully functional, and it'll make the PR's life a whole lot easier. It's exactly the same as saving as a .JPEG or anything else - you just need to select the PDF option instead! Sounds obvious, but it really does make a difference.

Brand yourself

I'm sure you've all worked long and hard on the perfect logo and blog name, so be sure to include it in your kit! Unlike resumés, media kits can be a lot more fun and personalised, so utilise this by chucking in a few of your best pictures to give the company an idea of your work. I always like to put a little 'about me' section at the top, too, because if these people are going to start sponsoring you in any way, you expect them to at least know something about you first!

Things to include

- Blog link
- About section
- Contact details
- Monthly analytics
- Social following
- Social media links
- Press section
- Previous collaborations
- Services offered
- Rates (optional)

Hope this helps some of you! Feel free to shoot me any questions in the comments!