How to layer up like a pro this winter

scarves and other practical clothing items I've come up with the perfect solution to stylish dressing: secret layers.

I feel the cold more than anyone I know. I sit at my desk, full onesie, practically sitting on the portable heater (which is obviously turned up to the max) and I still complain about being cold. These secret layers however? Life changing. And yes, this might not be my coolest blog post to date , and okay, this might not save you if you're living in sub zero temperatures. But if you're a baby when it comes to cold whether but you still want to look the part (without freezing your butt off) this is how to do it. It ain't glamourous, it ain't sexy, but it will keep you toasty. Stay tuned for those sexy Spanx..

Comfy cosy jumpers, thick tights, bobble hats - oh Pinterest, you make everything look so damn cute. That is, until I put them on my own body and wind up looking like the abominable snowman. Eh, at least it's somewhat festive. Kind of.

I remember when I was younger I would risk getting hypothermia for as long as I could in the winter, just so I could wear my favourite skirt or baggy tee. The hairs on my legs could be sticking up at a ninty degree angle and I'd still insist that it wasn't quite sweater weather. These days I'm at least a little less stubborn when it comes to throwing on the thermals, but I do still try and brave the cold in the least amount of layers as possible. Throughout my many years of escaping


So when I said this blog post wasn't going to be glamourous, I meant it. Anyway, let's move past the fact that I'm sounding like a ninty year old woman today and just roll with it. Leggings under jeans - skinny jeans in particular - are a game changer. I've even been known to shred leggings to match the holes in my skinny jeans, just so I didn't completely freeze to death. Double points (and double warmth) if you opt for thermals.


Yep. I'm a size six girl and I rock the spanx like no other. Sure, they have their slimming abilities and yes, they are great at hiding that VPL, but my favourite purpose for said elasticated pants? The warmth. During the winter when it's really, really cold, most days you'll find me sporting a pair of high waisted spanx under just about anything. They're like a snuggly hug around your belly. Try it. You'll love it.


One of my fave outfit combos is a floaty dress, a leather jacket and a pair of knee high boots. Cute - but not the most practical #ootd when it's pretty much an ice rink outside. However my theory is, that if I keep my calves and thighs as warm as possible (hance the spanx) I can just about pull it off. Top tip of the day: Wear as many pairs of knee high socks under your boots as possible. The crazier colours the better.

double up on jackets

Leather jackets are a regular outfit occurrence for me. I wear them in the spring, summer, autumn, winter - if I could wear it to bed (without waking up in a pool of sweat) I most probably would. So when things get super chilly, instead of trading in my leather for something more thermal I just go wild and wear them both. Let the collar peek through and it'll look like one of those Zara-esque jackets!


All in all, whilst my outfit might look somewhat put together on the outside, underneath there are a multitude of sins. When you hear people saying they love layering up in the's nothing compared to what's hiding underneath my shirt. The rule I tend to live by is if your outfit covers it, wear it. Although try not to layer up so much you look like the Michelin man. Or, you know, just wear a scarf..

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