How to get more subscribers on Youtube

How to get more subscribers on Youtube

During the past few months I've received a fir few emails from you lovely lot, asking me to do a Tip Tuesdays post on how to build a successful Youtube channel and - I'll be honest - the reason I haven't is purely because I don't actually know how to become absolutely amazing at it. I've not been doing it for years, I'm not making money from it and I'm definitely no where near any kind of Zoella / Hello October status. I am however, the proud owner of a Youtube channel that recently hit five thousand wonderful subscribers. To me, that's a heck of a lot of guys and gals - especially when you think about the fact that each one of those people cared enough to press a 'subscribe button', let alone actually watch a video of me talking about my favourite products for what seems like an eternity. I guess there's no real exact equation of how to up your sub count, but here's everything I've learned in the past year of being on the 'Tube.

Be completely yourself

I feel like there's a constant misconception in the online community that you have to be super happy and outgoing to succeed at Youtube. I mean sure, this does work for a lot of people, but that's probably because those people are actually like that in real life, not just for videos. Like everything else in life, it's best if you just remain true to who you are - whether you're super happy, a bit grumpy or just 100% socially awkward (me). I started off trying to act a certain way in front of the camera but - of course - it didn't work. As soon as I started letting my own personality shine through my subscriber count went up and more people started commenting. And damn, is it easier to obtain your actual personality rather than a fake one. That stuff is exhausting.

Interact with your existing subscribers

People take time out of their day to comment, so whenever they do be sure to return the favour! It seems like such an obvious thing to do, but it really does help. Not only does it show that you're actually a real person with interests, but it'll also bring people back to read your reply. And hey, if someone sees you talking in the comments, they'll probably be more inclined to leave a comment themselves. No one wants to talk to someone that, er, doesn't talk back!

Upload consistently

Think about it - if you know your favourite TV show is on at 7pm every Friday night, you'll probably watch it more than, say, if it was on at random times during the week. People like routines, so if they know your videos are going to appear in their subscription box every Sunday then they'll look for it (you guessed it) every Sunday.

Be smart with your titles

It's all well and good coming up with mysterious titles that sounds good, but will people be searching for it? Probably not. It's exactly the same as SEO for bloggers (give that link a click if you have no idea what I'm on about) in that you need to make your videos searchable, as well as make it obvious what they're about. That way, no one will click onto your video and get disappointed half way through. If you call it 'The Best Nude Lipsticks' then that's exactly what your viewers will expect.

Engage with other creators

This doesn't mean you should go and comment on every single video someone in your community uploads - instead it simply means that you should talk to others. Forget about the initial reason as to why you might want to comment (ie. to showcase your own channel) and just start making friends with other people. If you love their videos, tell them why! PS. The chances of having someone reply to your comment is seriously upped the earlier you get to the video!

Just ask!

Ever wondered why practically every single Youtuber asks you to subscribe, comment, or like their video? It's because it actually does work. If you invite people to chat to you, they're more likely to do just that - and same goes for all the other things us Youtubers bang on about! It might not give you millions over night, but it'll definitely encourage those watching you already!

Hoped this helped some of you! Feel free to leave any 'Tip Tuesday' requests in the comments down below. I'm forever worrying that I'll run out of ideas for this old thing!