How to get more Bloglovin' followers

How to get more Bloglovin' followers

'Blogging isn't all about the numbers' - okay, okay, we get it. Yes you're meant to love blogging regardless of how many followers you have, and I'd like to think that the majority of us do, but either way, no one can deny how great it feels to wake up and find out your audience has grown, or you've gotten a bunch of comments on your latest post. I'm not talking about a new spam comment that links you to some form of soft core porn (why do my blog posts always seem to go down the 'inappropriate' route? Someone help me.) - instead I'm talking about a growth in actual readers. Yes, real life people that actually give a damn about what you have to say.

Now I don't know about you guys, but I've always found Bloglovin' to be that one place where I've struggled to build up any kind of audience. I'd perhaps gain the odd follower that stumbled across my blog every once in a while, only to lose another two days later. I remember the day I hit 1,000 Bloglovin' followers, only to wake up the next day and find that around ten of them had disappeared. Dammit internet! You had me celebrating for nothing. I bought a cake and everything.

But anyway, having gained around a thousand of you lovely people in the past few months, I'd like to think that I've figured out a few ways to utilise my Bloglovin' account in a way to help grow (and more importantly) maintain an audience. No trickery, no spamming - nothing but a few little changes that make a big fat difference over time. The first step? Following me on Bloglovin'!

(I'm joking, but hey, a girl can try, right?)


Ask people to follow you

So maybe doing it the way I just did above wasn't the most subtle way to go about things, but hey, when have I ever pretended to be remotely smooth in any way. Spoiler alert: I haven't. But whatever, basically the best way to get something is to simply ask nicely. At the end of a blog post why not just mention it to your readers that you have a Bloglovin' account, and that you'd love it if they followed you there. There are a bunch of blogs I read that I'm probably not following on Bloglovin' for no valid reason. People just don't think sometimes, so give them a little nudge!


Install the Bloglovin' widget onto your blog

Installing the Bloglovin' widget on your profile is probably the first step to getting more readers. If I come across a new blog that I want to follow, I won't spend the next five minutes trying to find their URL on Bloglovin' itself (don't judge me, I'm lazy) - realistically I expect to see the widget floating around somewhere in a sidebar or something. If I see it, I'll click it. Boom, you've just got yourself a new follower.


Promote your posts using your Bloglovin' link

This is something I've picked up recently, but it really does work! If you're looking to promote a specific blog post, try sharing it from Bloglovin' instead of straight from your blog. You'll get the same amount of views on your page, but you'll also showcase the fact that you have a Bloglovin' account. It'll take your readers through Bloglovin' to find your latest post, and whilst there, who knows! They might even click that follow button if you're lucky.


Make your preview picture pretty and clickable

I've mentioned this in some of my other blogging tips before hand, but it applies for Bloglovin' too. Nine times out of ten we click on something because the picture interests us. Just think about why you go and pick up a new magazine at the store! It's usually because it looks good. To make sure people click on your posts via Bloglovin' more you have to ensure your featured image is aesthetically pleasing and that it generally tells your audience what the post is about. Although I'm not sure how a trio of cacti fits in with a blog tips post. Internet 1 - Steph 0.


Use informative (but interesting) titles

Again, I've mentioned this in a previous SEO tips for bloggers post. Whilst I'm not overly sure how important SEO is for Bloglovin', you're going to want to create an intriguing (or informative) title for your posts just so that people click. I just made a blog post about me going blonde called 'I've gone blonde! Well, kinda..'. Sure, I could have named my post something like 'how my great hair colourist dyed my hair kind of blonde, but kind of not' but I can't imagine many of you will go ahead and search for that on Google. Me saying I'm blonde is semi-truthful, but it's also a little bit shocking for those of you that knew me and my dark brown hair. That alone will entice you lovely people to click. Damn, the secrets out.


Choose your category wisely

Bloglovin' allow us bloggers to choose a category for our blogs so that we can, well, categorise ourselves. Recently they've updated their catalogue so that it's a lot easier to find new blogs in your niche. Choosing a particular category can both help your blog and harm it. Sure, I've posted the odd food post every once in a while, but that's nothing compared to the actual food bloggers out there, so there's no point in me putting my blog in that category. Until they come up with an 'awkward country girl that talks crap' category, I'll just stick with being a fashion blog.


Save your favourite posts

Just like any other online community, it's super important to make sure you actually get involved when you can. Saving Bloglovin' posts is basically a way of endorsing someone and their blog. The default page for Bloglovin' profiles show what each blogger has saved recently. So, naturally, if someone sees a blank page it won't look overly interesting, but if you fill your profile with other posts that fit with your niche then more people interested in that niche will come your way. Plus, it's nice to help each other out sometimes. You never know, someone might just go and return the favour!

Really hope this post helped you guys out a bit! What are your Bloglovin' goals for 2016?!