How to get Colourpop in the UK / Gosend review

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Could you imagine a world without the internet? I feel like every day I rely on the internet for more and more - whether it's catching up on my favourite TV shows or simply just Googling how to correctly boil an egg. #WorstCookEver. I swear, the internet has made me a much smarter human being than I would have been without it. Not only that, but it's also opened my eyes to a world of beauty products. Literally, there is a whole other world out there dedicated to beauty, it's insane. Problem is, that the rest of the world doesn't always like to ship to us minions here in the UK. But - being the determined beauty addict that I am - I decided to search high and low for the best way to get my hands on American goodies, without sitting on a flight for ten hours. Ladies and gentlemen, meet GoSend, AKA the website that's about to drain me of all my money.

Basically, GoSend gives you your very own US address that allows you to shop on just about any American website imaginable. And since GoSend is based in Delaware,  you're exempt from paying sales tax (huzzah) which means you're saving money on the boring bits, leaving you more to splurge on your order itself.

So how does it work? Well, when you sign up to GoSend you're given your own address that you're able to use when shopping online. So you get your shop on and order everything using your brand new details, which then gets sent out to your own virtual locker at GoSend HQ. They let you know when everything's arrived in your locker and send you snaps along the way to make sure you know exactly how everything looks upon arrival (so there's no nasty surprises when you get your hands on your parcel). To make it even better, GoSend consolidates all of your products into one box, keeping postage costs as low as possible.

There are two different payment options for GoSend, the basic being absolutely free and the VIP costing just $10 (about £6) a month. The VIP (which you can get free for three months using the code 'COCOCHIC' - you're welcome) gives you 80% off of shipping fees , consolidates your packages for free and also allows you to use the service called ShopAssist, which is basically your very own personal shopper on the internet. I ordered everything on the Wednesday, had it delivered to my locker on Saturday and had the package in my hands by the following Thursday. And then I did another huge Colourpop order a few days later. I have no self-control.

So needless to say, I like GoSend. I like it a lot. Be sure to check out the video linked above to see everything I picked up. Spoiler alert: I saved over £30 on the products alone. Aaand then I spent that £30 on more Colourpop.


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