How much should you charge for sponsored blog posts?

How much should you charge for blog posts and how to set your rates

Sorry for the later upload, but I've spent a lot of my evening talking to the wonderful bloggers on the #fblchat hashtag on Twitter! Tonight's discussion was all about how to transition from a 9-5 job to a full-time blogger (which will be the topic of next week) and - since the two are linked up quite nicely - I decided to wait until the end of our chat to get this post up.

So alas! The golden question. How much should you really be charging for your sponsored blog posts? Now obviously if you're in The Blonde Salad or Zoella sort of territory, you can pretty much charge whatever you like, so let's keep this all quite realistic because - let's face it - if you were already making six figures a post, you wouldn't really be here, would you?

For ages I've just been plucking random numbers out of my head, or taking whatever brands gave me, until I spoke to a few blogger friends that made me realise I was possibly charging the wrong amount for different things. I was underselling myself, in other words. 

A few months ago I was asked for my rate card...I mean what!? Why would I - just a small town girl (living in a lonely woooorld) have a freakin' rate card? To act as a guideline for PRs, that's why. 

Now obviously you're not going to have one flat rate for absolutely everything you do. Sometimes brands want a lot of social push to go alongside the post and sometimes PRs want a dedicated feature that doesn't include any competitors, which means you're going to need to work out your 'hourly rate' to coincide with the type of post that needs to be done. Sounds like fun, right!? No. No it's not. So to save you lovely lot some time I've decided to make a little table for you that will hopefully give you an idea about what to charge. It's not set in stone (by all means, ignore it completely!) but it's the sort of thing I go by.

*Update: Google no longer updates their Page Rank. This blog post has been adjusted accordingly!

Sponsored posts how much should you charge

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Again, don't take this thing too seriously - I'm definitely not a pro when it comes to working out exactly what is right. But after looking at a bunch of different bloggers and their rate cards/price lists it all sort of averaged out at this - and I mean that very, very loosely.

For my little rate card, I go by the above table as well as my social reach and quality of what I do. If you have a special skill, be sure to add in a bit of extra dollar for that, as you'll need to be covering the cost of both your time and expertise. If you happen to have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, factor that in too. Basically, find that one (or two, or three!) thing(s) that makes you stand out from everyone else, and cater your price to that.

Aaaand breathe. Anyway. I hope this maybe helped some of you out there, and obviously feel free to put in your own points of view to help any one else out that might read the comments (or even help me out, pls). Stay tuned for the next Tip Tuesday!

Do you have any tips about how much to charge for a blog post?

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