Healthy low-carb pizza recipe

Healthy low carb pizza recipe

No matter how hard I try (and believe me, I've tried) I just can't pretend to like smashed up avocado on toast. I can't pretend that coconut water tastes good and I can't pretend that courgetti is anything like spaghetti. So, I'm not going to try and convince you guys that a low-carb pizza is going to taste like your favourite Dominos dish. It won't. But hey, it's still pizza, and it does taste pretty damn good. And (oh yes, there's more) you can eat two of them without even worrying about your waistline. Maybe even three if you fancy it. Or four. Okay I'm getting carried away here. Enough about my joy of pizza - here's how to make your own..


- Tortilla wraps (I prefer wholegrain)
- Canned chopped tomatoes
- Rocket or spinach
- Feta or mozzarella
- Salt and pepper
- And just about any other toppings you fancy!

How to do it

Making the whole thing is pretty self explanatory, so here's a very short run down of what to do (and what not to do) when making your fake pizza. Personally I like to grill my pizzas, so be sure to pre-heat the over to a medium setting whilst you're prepping. Lay out your tortilla and spread a few spoonfuls of the chopped tomatoes all across the base. It's tempting, but try not to load up on this too much, as it'll stop your pizza from crisping and you'll just end up with a floppy mess. And no one likes floppy messes. Then, simply load up your ingredients, pop into the over/grill and leave for 3-5 minutes. You'll want the edges to brown ever so slightly, but not burn, so keep checking on it every so often! There's a fine line between nice and crispy and just straight up burnt. Drizzle with your favourite sauce (I'm partial to a bit of American mustard and balsamic vinegar) and start scoffing! Pro tip: If your pizza has turned into a bit of a floppy mess, don't sweat it. Just roll them up and voila, instant pizza roll-ups. Your secret is safe with me.

Will you guys be giving this a go at all?




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