Growing older, dreaming bigger

Wait, when did I actually become one of those 'adult' things everyone seems to talk about all the time? I remember turning twenty one. That was fine. I remember turning twenty two (yes, even in my old age I can remember that far back) and that was fine, probably because it was appropriate for me to sing Taylor Swift every day for an entire year. But now? Im twenty three and I have no bloody song to sing.*

*Correction: I Google'd 'songs that mention 23' and Blink 182's 'What's my again' came up. I take back everything I said.

Anyway, it was 4am on my twenty third birthday and I was sat in bed with a stomach ache after eating an entire red velvet cake. AKA the one pictured. I would complain about it (spoiler alert:  I'm not the biggest b-day fan in the world) but hey, it means I got to eat cake for a whole day, all by myself. Although Michael the cat did decide to lick a bit of the icing whilst I wasn't looking (full story can be found over on my snapchat 'cocochicblog'. Ahem. End plug). Anyway.

I feel like this month has been a big old whirl wind, and we're barely even half way through. I've juggled deadlines, sold out of The Blogger Journal three times in two weeks (wut wut), I've had some great news and some not so great news. I've eaten an entire cake in one day, and I've had stomach ache from eating said cake. You get the gist. A lot can happen in two weeks, let alone twelve months, and - since I'm obviously so old and wise now - I've made it my mission to make this year the best one yet. Here's what's coming over the next 365 days..

We're going to build a house!

Any of you that subscribe to my Youtube channel will know the struggle I go through each and every day with my crazy neighbours, so for the past few months Ollie and I have been keeping our eyes open for a new place that we can rent. Back in November we nearly decided to rent out a chalet, until we figured it was too far from, well, just about everything. Then a few weeks before Christmas we joked about building our own chalet - which is basically a modernised log cabin. Turns out, Ollie's family know someone that builds them, and we've already got a plot of land waiting for us. And just like that, we've been granted planning permission and it looks like we'll be in by December. I'll be broke, stressed as eff, but I'll officially be a home owner. And we all know what that means: a crap ton of home hauls!

I'll be graduating

Just the other day I received an email from my uni preparing us for our graduation. Gulp. I don't know whether to be excited or completely and utterly terrified for my future. Either way, I'll get to wear a really nice cape and a mortar board for a few hours and throw it in the air a few times. That's an #OOTD waiting to happen.

I'll be lecturing!

So as soon as I leave uni, I'll pretty much be coming straight back to lecture the first years in blogging and social media. I still don't know if my lecturers and professors know what they're letting themselves in for - or what I'm letting myself in for for that matter - but hey, it makes me sound super duper smart. Dr Steph at your service.

We're going to get a dog!

With our own house, comes the freedom to have a dog! Or two. Or five. And a variety of chickens and goats. And potentially a pig. I mean, I live in the countryside. A girls gotta make her own squad some how..

I'll be publishing another book

it's happening. Oh, is it happening.

I'm applying for Big Brother

Like, tomorrow. Lord knows if it'll be the making or the breaking of me (or if I'll even get though to the auditions), but I expect each and every one of you to vote for me if I get in. And uhh, if any Big Brother big-shots out there happen to be reading my blog then...I will give you five pounds to let me in. Okay ten.

And finally, whilst it's not exactly a goal or any sort of achievement, this time next week I'll be getting dermal fillers in my lips. Surprise! Now I know some of you are going to really hate the idea of me doing it and I know some of you are gonna be super interested in it, so I've decided to do both a Q&A as well as a 'come along with me' style video to keep you lovely lot in the know. Don't worry, I won't be doing crazy things, it's with a respected doctor and it's not I repeat not all because of a certain member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. If there's anything in particular you want me to ask the doctor in the video, or if you want me to answer anything in my Q&A then please, go forth and leave your questions in the comments.

I also just wanna say a quick thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday yesterday, and everyone that supported me during my first year of blogging. If there's one goal I hope to achieve in the next year, it's to keep on doing this, and doing it with you!