Fashion Week Survival Guide

I've been going to fashion week since I was around seventeen. I say that as if I've been some sort of glamourous streetstyle star since I was a teenager. Trust me, it's not as glamourous nor impressive as it sounds. The first year I bluffed my way into Somerset House and spent five days wandering around the exhibitions pretending I was a somebody. The second year I spent my summer savings on a hotel room just so I could stand at the back of one single show that - ironically - I couldn't really see. In those six years I like to think I've experienced just about every different aspect of fashion week - from being denied access into the exhibition to being a part of the Burberry show. I'm no ADR, but these are my top tips to survival the week..

Plan ahead

Planning ahead is absolutely vital for a fashion week goer - this goes for everything from outfits to accommodation. If you live in London, you have the luxury of heading home at the end of the night, but if your'e an outsider like I am it's a good idea to book your accommodation early to avoid disappointment and get the best deal possible. Call me a grandma, but I also like to carry around a written itinerary for the shows, just in case I lose signal or run out of juice on my phone. Be sure to have a back up plan as well - tube delays and traffic jams will happen, and they will make you late.

Be realistic

There are so many things going on during fashion week that you'll feel tempted to say yes to just about everything that comes your way. Prosecco..parties - all of these things sound liek so much fun at the time, but if you're going to survive the week (yes, fashion week flu really is a thing) then you'll need to be realistic about what you're able to do in such a short amount of time. Travelling to and from opposite ends of London is time consuming, so instead of squeezing as much as possible into your schedule (and stressing out when/if you wind up missing your favourite show) take it easy. You'll treasure than extra ten minutes you get to sit down, trust me.

Bring flats

Unless you have the luxury of a driver following you around everywhere, chances are you'll be on foot at least some of the time during fashion week. You might think you have soles of steel, but trust me - after running around during rush hour in six inch stilettos - your feet will be yearning for a pair of flats. Don't do what I did and try and tough it out for the sake of looking the part. Swollen ankles are not this seasons must-have accessory and having to literally peel your bloodied shoes off of your feet at the end of the day is not a situation I'd recommend to anyone.

Stay energised

Fashion week is snack central, but when you're out and about for five days in a row, twelve hours at a time, a pack of Propercorn just isn't going to cut it. Of course the dream would be to schedule in a six course meal at the Shard every day, but when your diary is so jam packed sometimes you might just have to make do with some on the go snacks instead. That doesn't mean you should just shovel in sweets and champagne at any given moment (although I know the temptation). Whilst it might give you an energy boost for a while, it's real food that will keep you going throughout the day. Keep a protein bar in your bag for those emergency situations.


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