My not-so-basic wardrobe essentials

Every year I trial (and sometimes fail at) a variety of different trends, and every year a few of those trends manage to make their way into my not-so-capsule wardrobe. This time last year I was coveting baggy beanie hats, slip on sneakers and questionable culottes, whereas this year I'm favouring feminine shapes and - wait for it - super floaty dresses. Oh the difference a year can make.

Having this blog has done a lot of good for me, but it's also allowed me to document every outfit (both the good and, ahem, the not so good) that I've sported over the past twenty four months. Almost exactly one year ag I posted a photo of myself wearing my first ever bardot top - a trend that has gradually made it's way into my every day wardrobe. The baggy beanies? Not so much.

As we start to say goodbye to summer and hello to winter I've decided to give you all a little run down of my favourite every day basics..that maybe aren't so basic after all..


It's no secret that I've been loving bardot tops as of late (#shouldercleavage) - they look good, they're comfortable, and they allow me to show a bit of skin without freezing to death in this not-so-sunny British summer time. This winter I'll be layering them up underneath jumpsuits and pinafore dresses to really bring down that cost per wear..

moto jackets

Leather jackets have always been a staple of mine, but it soon dawned on me - after realising most of my outfits have started to look the same - that maybe I need a few colour variations to prove that I do in fact own more than one jacket. Currently working on one jacket for each colour of the rainbow.


The only thing better than a big fat comfy a big fat comfy jumper dress that does all the hard work for you. I love anything that I can throw on in a second and make an outfit out of. You can chuck them over your every day outfit or style them up in the evening with bare legs and a big chunky pair of knee high boots. 


The real reason for my love of big chunky western boots? You can layer up on the socks and no one will ever know. Granted, I also love how they look when paired with girly boho dresses and/or skin-tight skinny jeans, but when it comes to the winter it's the comfy-factor that gets a thumbs up from me. Plus bigger boots = skinnier looking legs. Bonus.


There once was a time in my life when the only form of dress I'd wear would be some form of LBD, but lately I feel like little black dresses are just far too formal for every day. Whenever I'm stuck for an outfit to wear I almost always opt for something light. white and floaty. Bonus points if it's a bardot dress. Extra bonus points if I pair it with a moto jacket and biker boots.

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