Five fashion trends (you can actually wear!)

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I love fashion (she says as she types a blog post whilst sitting in her PJS), really, I do, but sometimes it can all get a little bit too much to keep on top of. There are trends, then there are micro trends, makeup trends..even thinking about it gives me a bit of a headache. But like I said, I have this on-going relationship with fashion (you know, writing a fashion blog and everything..) so I've decided to narrow down some of the best trends that look good on pretty much anyone, whether you go all in or just a touch.

Cropped flares

Don't the words 'cropped' and 'flares' just sound completely wrong together? I think of cropped flares and my mind instantly goes to being an awkward teenager who's legs grew far too fast for her school trousers. Yet, here I am wearing a bright blue denim pair for the entire internet to see. And you know what? I'm kind of obsessed. To me, they're pretty much this season's take on last season's culottes. Cropped flares? Check. Denim? Check. Frayed hem? Check. That's basically three trends in one. Hello multi-purpose!

Denim, denim, denim

Okay sure, denim is kind of an on-going trend throughout every season, but this season it's all denim everything. Hell, if denim underpants were a thing (and I pay they're not) they'd probably be in Vogue too. Thankfully, right now it's all about denim dresses and, well, denim cut offs a la above.

Say it with suede

If denim isn't your thing, the next best fabric on the fashion menu is suede. Again, it kind of sounds like something your mum would have worn in the seventies, but oh how times have changed. Now it's all about updating your basics (cami tops, biker jackets - you name it) with a soft suede - or suedette - finish, It feels good too. So fluffy I wanna die etc..

Lace up details

This is probably my favourite trend of all, and I'm sure you've all seen it floating around somewhere on Instagram. Basically, imagine just about anything that could require some form of zip or fastening, and swap it with a bit of cross-lacing. I made a post all about the best lace up shoes on the market a while ago and it went down a treat. If you're gonna get laces on anything, make it your feet. Hope you take the time to appreciate that little rhyme I made just then.

Give the cold shoulder

Another trend you've probably already seen all over Instagram, but another one of my personal faves. The idea of wearing a gypsy style bardot top can be a little daunting, but oh man, the floaty torso? It hides everything. And f there's one part of the body that pretty much never gains weight, it's the shoulders. Why did I not realise this sooner!?

What are you favourite trends for the upcoming season?


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