Cheap high waisted jeans for shorter girls

Cheap High Waisted Jeans Ark
Cheap High Waisted Jeans Ark

Short girls always get the, ahem, short end of the stick. We can never quite reach the top kitchen shelf (which is usually where Ollie hides all of my sweets) and finding a pair of jeans that actually fit is near damn impossible. I've always tried to squish myself into high waisted jeans in hope that they'd make me look taller than about 3 ft, but nothing has ever fit me properly, let alone make me look like an amazonian goddess. Then I came across another pair of my favourite jeans from Hearts and Bows, which don't only fit me like a glove, but hey, they're not actually black for once either. Now let's take a moment to appreciate my mid hair swish in the top photo, shall we? I'm so model.

Let me know how tall you guys are in the comments!? Girls gotta know.


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