How I went blonde + the best salon in Cornwall

Now don't get me wrong, Cornwall has plenty of amazing hairdressers to offer, but not a lot of amazing salons. However Blow Out has the best of both, in the form of a swanky new salon in the city centre and a certain man named Marc Sampson (AKA the genius behind my new do). The salon itself is completely decked out with floor to ceiling mirrors, modern interior and a brand new blow dry bar so you can just blow and go. Make of that sentence what you will. Anyway. I came in with a basic balayage and - four not-so-grueling hours later - a head full of icey hues. You know when you walk out of a salon and you have to go home and re-style it yourself right away to figure out if you like it or not? I left completely head over heels in love with my new hair. And - thanks to a round of Olaplex to keep every thing in tact - it felt pretty brand new as well. If you're in the area (or, even if you're not) I definitely recommend popping in. You'll find me foiled up in the corner with a glass of wine in my hand and a big fat smile on my face..

23 Victoria Square, Truro, Cornwall.

Hair is one of those things that I feel you only really learn to appreciate when you've experienced a hair cut from hell. It's a weird thing, hair. It sprouts from our heads and then we pay people to cut it into pretty shapes and dye it, only to grow it all over again. And thank god it does grow - otherwise I'd still be stuck with a wonky fringe (thanks mum) and frazzled ends. Note to self: when attempting to bleach your own hair, don't. Ever since then I've been too traumatized to do anything dramatic with my hair - a bit of mild balayage here, a few extra layers there. Nothing special.

And that's exactly what my hair was - nothing special. So when I was invited to try out a brand new hair salon in my hometown of Truro, Cornwall I decided to put my trust (and my hair) into a man I'd never met before and begin the process of going blonde. Or at least as blonde as I can go before I start looking like a failed Draco Malfoy. And with my second appointment to brighten up my Barnet on Friday, I thought I'd share my initial experience with you all. Since I'm going back for round two, I think it's safe to say I was pretty impressed.