The best blogger networks (that will benefit your blog)

With last weeks Tip Tuesday being a bit of a belated fail, I decided to give you lot a bit of a double whammy blog post - an outfit of ze day alongside a Tip Tuesdays post that - wait for it - is actually being published on time.

So anyway, for all of you that follow me on Twitter you may have seen me post a little something abut a new network I've recently signed up with called The Blogger Agent, which is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Not only that, but last week Etail PR announced that they were re-launching their own network to make way for a brand new, shiny website. Needless to say, the ol' blogger networks are having a bit of a moment right now, so for today's post I've decided to narrow down the best of the bunch that'll not only boost your blog following, but also send a lot more opportunities your way. Huzzah!

The Blogger Agent

The Blogger Agent is the newest kid on the block in terms of networks, but it's already partnered with some of the biggest names in high street fashion. Claudia (the founder) works directly with bloggers and brands, and hand picks all of the bloggers on the network. Right now there are around fifteen girls on board - including yours truly - which means there's enough work to go around for everyone. Plus, they give out the most amazing goodie boxes in existence. Head on over to my Youtube channel for a sneak peak of what was in my welcome box!

The Blogger Programme

The Blogger Programme is probably my second favourite of the bunch. First up, the website itself is just insanely easy to navigate. Secondly, TBP actually allows you to talk to brands and PR companies as opposed to just applying  for various campaigns. It means you're able to fully discuss various opportunities and form a close relationship with a brand, as opposed to just accepting a product and posting about it. Some of their best advertisers include Very, River Island, Debenhams and The Body Shop.

Etail PR

I'll be honest, Etail PR hasn't always been my most favourite network in existence, but since the re-launch they've seriously upped their game in terms of user-friendliness (?!). They work with a huge variety of brands including Motel, Wildfox and AX Paris, and they work with bloggers on both a gifting and monetary-gain basis. Katching.

The Bloggers Hub

The Bloggers Hub is fairly similar to The Blogger Programme, only it works with more niche, upcoming brands. Every season they hold their own Bloggers Love Fashion Week which allows brands and bloggers to come together and discuss collaborations in person. They've also just made their own (amazingly Instagrammable) blog planners for pretty much any occasion.


Hearts and Bows open back top *
Hearts and Bows cord mini skirt *
Eastpak padded black backpack *
Ark lace up sandals *

Are you a part of any of these networks yet?