The best laptop for busy bloggers

The other day every blogger's nightmare happened to me. No I didn't run out of hashtags to use and no I didn't run out of battery on my camera mid-selfie. It was much, much worse. After almost seven years, the inevitable happened and my old faithful laptop finally gave up on me, leaving me in the mind-field that is tech shopping. I mean, technology has come on a long way since my chunky, heavy, over-heated block of a laptop, and when you rely on a computer as much as I do it's important to do your research to make sure you're not just dropping a huge wad of cash because something looks 'Instagrammable'. Although that definitely does sit high on my requirements list. Speaking of which, let's start off with that..


Granted, the looks are probably the least most important factor when it comes to choosing a new laptop, but let's be real here, we're bloggers. We like pretty things! And the new Acer Swift 7 sure is pretty. Matte black, gold hardware and super slim? Yes please.


I'm the sort of girl that likes to take her laptop everywhere, just incase. However I'm also the sort of girl that likes to have full mobility of her arm after carrying a laptop with me around all day - which wasn't what I had with my old computer. But like I said, tech has come a long way since the launch of my seven year old laptop, such a long way in fact that the Acer Swift 7 is no more than 1cm thick and 4lbs in weight. Guess I better re-instate that gym membership then..


In short, the better the processor the more quickly you computer will, well, process things. The Swift 7 comes with an Intel i5 which - although isn't the latest processor - is more than enough for influencers on the go, as it means you'll be able to use multiple programmes without any issues, and it'll start up a whole lot quicker to. So you can just sit, flip it up, and go.


Anyone with a blog knows just how important storage is. I mean, I can't be the only person that has 800 folders filled with almost-identical pictures, but at a slightly different angle. Who knows what I'd do if I lost them! But in all seriousness, blogging is now a full-time career for some, and when you're entire work load is based online it's important to have secure storage. The Swift 7 has 256gb of Solid State Hardrive capacity, which is essentially a whole lot more reliable than just a regular old hard disk.


We all know the struggles of leaving the house with full battery, only to find half an hour later we're on power saving mode and rationing our Instagram time. Thankfully, the Swift 7 has 9 hours battery life, which means no matter where you got you'll be able to get your blog on..or at least online shop. #Priorities. 


Check out some of the Swift 7's other features in the video down below!

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*This post is sponsored by Acer*