The Best Budget Chloe 'Faye' Dupes

When I was younger I fell in love with a pair of hot pink platform shoes, naturally. So many of the cool girls at school had them and so it became my mission to get them too - I needed as many cool points as I could get back then. After months of saving up my pocket money I finally had enough money to buy a knock off pair from the local market - but of course, by that point everyone had moved onto some other form of ugly shoe. I didn't care - at that (very delirious) time in my life they were the most beautiful shoes I'd seen. And so I wore them. And I kept wearing them over and over and over again. Nothing's really changed since then (apart from my taste in footwear) - I've always been late to the party. Last year I tried my hardest to save up for the real Chloe Faye bag. A year later and instead, here I am grasping at a £15 Matalan knock off. Am I one of those super cool Chloe girls yet? Not even close. But hey, at least I'm on trend this time. Kinda.

What's your best budget
buy of 2017 so far?



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