Beauty Pie Review and Product Dupes

Beauty Pie is the one of the latest subscription boxes to have found its way to my door step, and I'm sure it's one that's popped up on a lot of your beauty guru radars as of late. It's makeup, but without the mark-up, meaning you only pay the factory cost of the product, resulting in lipsticks costing less than a latte and high end foundations costing a fiver. I know what you're thinking - what's the catch? And to be honest, there isn't really one. A monthly subscription charge, sure. A £100 allowance (fair enough) and a little bit of secrecy when it comes to what product dupes what. But hey! That's what I'm here for. Here's everything you need to know..

The subscription itself costs £10 a month, but the minimum amount you can sign up for is 3 months. The £10 is the payment you essentially give Beauty Pie (otherwise, how are they supposed to make money!) that in turn allows you to buy all of the products at a factory price - which they break down for you over on the website. There's a limit to the amount of factory-priced products you can buy each month - averaging put at around 4-6 products  depending on what you buy.

It usually works out somewhere between £10-20 for the products. The £100 limit you're allowed relates to the RRP of the products. So if one product usually retails for £20, you can only buy five of them - but at the factory price. Any allowance you have left over rolls onto the next month. Still with me? 

The products are designed to be identical and/or incredibly similar to best-selling beauty products on the market. They don't say what dupes what, but with a little research you can find out products with similar (if not identical) ingredients. Postage costs around £6.50 for two days tracked, which is pretty reasonable. You'll also receive a payment charge of 1.8%, taken by your bank. Overall, for postage and extra charges you can expect to add on around £7 to your order, add that £10 subscription fee on and your average monthly purchase from Beauty Pie adds up to around £30 - although you're more than welcome to save up your allowance and order everything in one go. Is it as cheap as other subscription boxes that cost £10 a month all inclusive? No. But you do get a lot more for the amount that you pay..




I'm very picky when it comes to foundations. It's important that I say that before going into what I'm about to say - which is that I am literally head over heels in love with this bottle of beige. It's glowy (but not greasy), full coverage (but not cakey) and one pump covers just about everything I need. Rumour has it that it's Armani's Luminous Silk foundation, which I haven't yet tried, but it's been on my to try list for months.  At less than five pounds for the dupe I don't even feel the need to try it anymore. I love this!

YOU PAY: £4.75




This one was a little difficult to find a dupe for, and I almost gave up on finding out what this could possibly be, until I used the NARS stick concealer. I did some digging, and whilst the products aren't the same they do give almost an identical finish. Medium coverage, easily blended and fairly long wearing. Great for an under eye concealer! They also do another concealer which appears to be more full cover-age, so we all know that one is next on my to buy list.

YOU PAY: £3.02



Let me put it this way - I have never come across such a lightweight, but still mattifying powder. It's honestly incredible. I've done the research, but very few results come up when trying to find something remotely similar. The closest I've gotten is the NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder. I haven't tried it, but judging by the reviews it sounds a lot like Beauty Pie's variation. Buildable, non-cakey, luminising - pretty much everything you could ever want in a powder. The good price tag helps, too.


YOU PAY: £3.68




Of course this was the first item that made it's way into my shopping cart, and it did not disappoint. One quick Google and up came my favourite highlighter ever - Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator. On application, the colour 'Cosmic Shine' was a little too dark for me, but still utterly gorgeous. The formulation is almost identical to the Laura Geller Illuminators, which retail for around £21 a pop. Cosmic shine is a pretty great match for LG's 'Ballerina' Fingers crossed they come out with more shades, ASAP.

YOU PAY: £5.46



There's no denying that this eyeliner looks remarkably similar to Kat Von Ds Tattoo Liner in Trooper. But are they the same? Almost. The two options that come up as close match are the Trooper liner as well as Tilbury's Feline Flick. At £16, the price is right for KVD - but the felt tip is more akin to the Feline Flick. I still reach for my Trooper liner over anything else, but this comes in at a close second. It also comes in at a tenth of the price of KVD's liner. So, you be the judge.

YOU PAY: £1.50




Another tricky one to source, but I may have a slight lead here. Judging by the ingedients lists, a lot of Eyeko mascaras contain a combination of the ingredients found in the Uber Volume. At around £20 each, the price matches up nicely to the Beauty Pie RRP as well. As for the product itself? Not the best mascara I've ever used, but then again I often favour more plastic wands. At less than two quid, you probably won't find another mascara this cheap - especially not one this good.

YOU PAY: £1.93



Seriously, how can you really complain when you're paying £2.30 for a lipstick? I can't even buy a coffee for that! But, pricing aside, these lipsticks really are incredible. I have two of the matte shades (Cowboy Nude and Hush Now) and I can honestly say they rival my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lippies (which, by the way, contains the same ingredients). Beauty Pie also stock more satin finishes if that's more up your street. All in all, a big thumbs up for these babies!

YOU PAY: £2.30




Another product that I found to be tricky to source. I checked out some of the top-selling lip liners that fit the price point, but nothing appeared to have the same kind of formulation (which is amazing. and completely non-drying, btw). The only product I found that actually describes itself as also being a waterproof gel lip liner is one from BellaPierre - who I can vouch for as having amazing products. Who cares anyway? It's good, and it costs pennies.

YOU PAY: £1.47




Lipglosses are generally a pass for me, but these glosses I can get on board with. Are they my new favourite lip product? No. But the Superglazy glosses are by far one of the best that I've tried. Pigmented, flattering and almost balm like? I had to hunt a little for this one, but the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustres come up as a pretty close copy. I decided to dig out one of my own CT lip glosses and - despite being different colours and finishes - the feel of them on my lips was pretty much identical!

YOU PAY: £2.16

Will you be signing up to Beauty Pie?



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