ASOS winter fashion must haves

The moment it hits November is the moment I start online shopping like it's nobody's business. Only for once, it's not shopping for myself, but for friends and family who deserve a little more than coal in their Christmas stocking this year. However, sometimes - despite my best intentions - I do tend to go a little AWOL and five hours later, there I am with a wish list as long as my arm. Et voila, here it is. Man, I sure hope Santa reads my blog..

Mango Faux Fur Coat - £69.99
ASOS Lace Up Tunic - £36.00
ASOS Knit Midi Dress - £42.00
ASOS Knee High Boots - £60.00
Mango Saddle Bag - £34.99
ASOS Ankle Boots - £55.00
Vila Lace Cami Top - £25.00
ASOS Suede Wrap Skirt - £95.00
Weekday Hairy Coat - £135.00