6 ways to save money as a blogger

Blogging can be an expensive hobby - even more expensive when it starts to become a bit of a business. It's not just the cameras and equipment that costs money (although they will eat up a big chunk of your bank balance) but - if you want to stay current with your readers - even things like clothes and cosmetics can get a lil pricey (but let's face it, buying dresses is way more fun than buying domain names) which is exactly why I decided to make a blog post all about the various ways you can save money whilst you blog, so that you can focus more on your content and less on your finances.


Okay, so maybe the stealing part isn't ideal, but begging and borrowing definitely plays a big part in the world of blogging. As your audience grows, brands may start to offer you free clothes and products in exchange for content, which is not only flattering, but also pretty handy if you're looking to save some money. If you're not quite at that stage yet, no sweat! Instead, try getting in contact with local brands or boutiques to see if you can work together. They gift or lend you items to wear/use/shoot and in return you link back to them on your blog and social media. That way, they get free advertising and you get free content!



Let's face it, buying a pre-owned Rolex is going to be a whole lot cheaper than buying a Rolex straight from a retailer. The same goes for everything from jewelry to jeans to DSLRs. If it's something you plan on using or wearing often I definitely recommend checking out some reputable pre-owned sites such as eBay, Depop or Xupes to save some moolah. A lot of the time second-hand retailers will only stock items that are in perfect condition, so you never have to worry about whether something is in good nick or not. And of course, you can even sign your own items up to a lot of pre-loved places too to really make that money.



Saving money is something people are always interested in, so why not make an on-going save VS spend series on your site? Perhaps a designer dupe run-down or a list of your favourite under £5 eBay finds! Everyone loves a bargain - in fact, some of my most popular shopping posts are the ones based around designer dupes - so not only is it affordable (or even free!) for you to write about, but it's also interesting for your audience to read as well! It's also a great way to get inolved with trending topics without spending shed loads of cash on the latest it bag or eyeshadow palette. Just find a dupe for it instead!


Got some kind of smartphone? Good, because that's pretty much all you need to start a blog. These days most bloggers have enough equipment in their houses to open up their own photography shop, but chances are they didn't start off that way. As my own blog has grown, so has my equipment. I started out with a crappy old compact camera that I rested on a bookshelf to take my OOTDS, but as time went on I began to invest in more and more things that helped make my blogging life easier. Good natural lighting and a steady hand are all you need to get started - a big fancy camera won't make your blog an overnight success. Instead, focus on the content, and work your way up from there.



Buying new products is expensive, especially if you plan on posting a few times a week, so when it comes to creating new content I always like to shop my own stash. More often than not I find myself reaching for the same makeup or same clothes most days, so when it comes to creating new posts my mind tends to go a little bit blank. Shopping my stash means I can get inspired by the things I already own - whether it's basing a new look on an old outfit or re-finding an old favourite makeup product. It's a great way of saving money whilst also still being able to put out quality content - and hey, you may even find that old lipstick you lost five months ago..



Not only is collaborating with other bloggers a whole lot of fun, but it can also help you save a crap ton of money. These days, a lot of bigger bloggers pay for photographers to take their photos and it is not cheap - especially when you're just starting out. So, instead of hiring a professional, become your own professional! Team up with other influencers in your area and make a day out of outfit shooting and instagramming. Not only can you create content together, but you can also credit each other on your own blogs to boost each others audience. Another plus side? It's a lot less awkward posing in front of other internet folk than it is convincing your dad to take your selfie.

What are your top money saving tips?

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