50 Potential Tax Deductions for Bloggers & Youtubers

What can bloggers and Youtubers write off as taxes

I am one of those people that put off doing my tax return until the very last minute. In fact, I'm actually writing this blog post instead of finishing off my taxes, which (if you weren't aware) is due in on the 2831st of this month. Like I said, big procrastinator over here. Can you blame me? Taxes are boring - not to mention hard. I think the hardest part about doing your own taxes when you're some kind of online influencer is knowing what you can actually write off as expenses. Self employed builders deduct building supplies, drivers deduct mileage, but what about bloggers? Our jobs pretty much consist of showing off our lives on the internet. So surely we can write off anything. Designer bags, Instagram-able meals out, luxury spa days. Right? Right!? Well, actually - you kind of can. Maybe not the designer bags and fancy meals, but there are definitely a lot of things bloggers can justify as expenses. Of course, this isn't about scamming the tax man - but when you're self employed every expense adds up. So keep your receipts and take note of some of these tax deductibles. You're welcome.


26. Work-related equipment rental

27. Printers, scanners etc

28. Trade show fees and displays

29. Days out (if for reviews)

30. Manufacturing products / merch

31. Custom chargers for PR gifts

32. Web design costs and upkeep

33. Business event hosting

34. Work-related books and research

35. Postage for products / merch

36. Further education classes

37. Subscriptions for research sites

38. Stock photo purchases

39. Software licensing fees

40. Tax and accounting software

41. Trademark and copyright fees

42. Business lunches/ meetings

43. Self-storage fees (for work)

44. Anti-virus programmes

45. Work phone bills / costs

46. Storage (online and external)

47. Long distance business calls

48. Work-related repairs

49. Advertising printing fees

50. Losses due to theft 

1. Website hosting fees

2. Domain cost(s) and renewals

3. Camera equipment

4. Editing software (Adobe Suite etc)

5. Freelance photographer fees

6. Business cards and letterheads

7. Computers, laptops, tablets etc

8. Computer upgrades

9. Hotel costs for business trips

10. Office supplies and stationary

11. Travel costs for business trips

12. PO Box addresses and fees

13. Business-related postage

14. Prizes and giveaways

15. Photo shoot props

16. Some clothing (if for a job)

17. Office furniture

18. Professional advice

19. Computer/tech insurance

20. Online self-promotion costs

21. A percentage of home insurance

22. Blog add-ons and plug-ins

23. SEO products and services

24. Entertainment (if for reviews)

25. A percentage of the internet bill


Have you completed your tax return yet?



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